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Bryce Canyon: Upgraded Camping with Amenities Make Multi-Day Park Visits Pleasant

Taking a trip to see a national park is something you have to plan. They’re usually a distance from civilization because what most U.S. national parks deliver on is expansive vistas which you don’t tend to find near urban settings. This presents a bit of a challenge for avid campers who enjoy visiting highly-rated national parks but find organizing for a multi-day visit quite difficult.

Here are some of the upgraded camping possibilities that Bryce Canyon offers.

Tipis at Ruby’s Inn Campground

The Ruby’s Inn Campground wasn’t the first campground or accommodation to be offered in Bryce. The park had other accommodation back in the early 1900s, but Ruby’s has endured, been upgraded, and has survived admirably.

Mixing the local history and Bryce Canyon camping, Ruby’s offer tipi tent camping for brave travelers who need the extra space and don’t mind bringing along their own camping gear. The tipis themselves are enormous with considerable height and expansive enough to sleep up to eight campers. This makes them ideal for couples who want more space or groups that don’t mind camping down together.

Log Cabins for Rustic Comfort

Another good option is staying in a log cabin. They naturally fit in well with the forests that abound in and around Bryce. There are convenient bunk beds supplied, but you’ll need a sleeping bag for each camper.

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This camping option is great for people who still enjoy using a sleeping bag. There are a few creature comforts and you can charge up a smartphone (there’s electricity fed into every cabin). Being shielded fully from the outside elements is an added bonus too.

Amenities at the Campground

Unlike at some other national parks, going Bryce Canyon camping can include excellent amenities to make life more pleasant. There’s no need to go dry camping and risk running out of food or water if you don’t have to.

The amenities at Ruby’s includes a restaurant serving tasty dishes that are sure to satisfy and a swimming pool to get in a few gentle laps. The hot tub is available to ease away the aches and pains of each trip to the park itself. If you’re planning a longer stay, the laundromat will come in handy as well. There’s internet access available to keep current with what’s going on in the rest of the world too.

Taking Trips

As well as self-guided trips into Bryce, there’s also the choice to rent an ATV or go on an organized ATV tour. Horseback rides are a more leisurely way to see more of the park and these can be organized for you too. Sometimes, there’s also a rodeo, which both entertains and may inspire you to become a better rider.

While rough camping or in organized camping spots is one way to go, it becomes more difficult as the days pass. By sticking to campgrounds that have better camping spots and amenities that make it easier to stay longer without running out of supplies, campers can focus less on the nitty-gritty of camping and far more on enjoying the epic scenery.

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