Brighten Up your Kitchen on a Budget

If you want to remodel the kitchen, you probably know it is the costliest room (and the bathroom) to remodel in the home. But, even if you are on a tight budget, there are a few simple things you can do to liven up the space, and not spend too much in the process.

Consider the cupboards

You can stain them, repaint them, finish them, or you can even add new knobs to the doors. You can add a glass-frame to the middle, and cut out the center wood finish. This is an easy DIY project any homeowner can do, and it will truly liven up and brighten up a dull space, and dull cabinets. If you are looking to replace the kitchen cupboards or even just the doors then I would recommend doing some research before deciding what to do. One good site to use for research is

Install new backsplash

You can add new tiles to the backsplash, or you can repaint the surface. It will give a new vibrant look and feel to the space, it will help revive the walls, and it will give your kitchen a new finish. And, you can buy the tiles/backsplash yourself, install it yourself, and will instantly see the difference in the space.

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Clean it up

You’d be surprised to learn how cleaning up will give the space a new feel. But, not just wiping down some surfaces. Instead, get the floors professionally buffed and polished. Consider stains, or polishing marble/vinyl surfaces. It is really going to revive the kitchen, and will get you in the mood to clean up the rest of the home at the same time.


If you have dated appliances, give them a facelift. You can go with refurbished items which are extremely efficient, and are very affordable. Go with energy-star appliances. Sure, you will pay for them now, but the rebates are well-worth the investment.

You can always install new flooring, add insulation to the windows, or otherwise freshen up the kitchen with new drapes or blind out blinds. There are many ways to recreate the space, and give your kitchen an entirely new look and feel. And, it can bring together the entire home when you do work in the kitchen. Even if you do not have much to spend, these are some simple ways which you can go about working in the kitchen, giving your home a brand new look, and not having to worry about how to pay for the upgrades/work that you plan on doing in the space.

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