Breathtaking Islands You Should Consider Visiting

When we think about islands, we conjure up images of beauty, peace, serenity, and relaxation. For this reason, the most beautiful islands in the world are tourist destinations. There are some islands around the globe that are truly breathtaking. They provide soft, white sands and turquoise waters. Green palm trees sway in the wind and the locals welcome you with tasty delights. If you would like to enjoy this experience,

Here are some breathtaking islands which you should consider visiting.


Essentially a combination of 115 coral reefs, Seychelles is granite and coral islands that abound in beauty. They provide access to the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, rich coral reefs and marine sanctuaries. Seychelles has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Santorini in Greece

In terms of beauty, few islands can compete with Santorini. The island circles around a caldera in bright, colorful architecture! Here, you can explore the black sand beaches of Perissa and Ancient Thira among other attractions. Santorini is a must-visit Island!

The Cook Islands

For those seeking a castaway vacation experience, the Cook Islands are an ideal spot. Located between Samoa and French Polynesia, these islands provide an experience of powder soft beaches, beautiful reefs, green palms, and volcanic peaks as well.


One of the most popular destinations in the world is the Mediterranean island of Malta. It combines tradition, marine beauty and rich culture. Some of the most amazing attractions here are the markets. Known in Maltese as ‘il-Monti’, they are excellent for bargain hunting. The hawkers provide you with literally any type of item that you could desire.

The Maltese markets are a combination of flea markets and car boot sales. They are vibrant centers of commerce. You can buy second-hand items and household goods here. While holidaying here, make a point of exploring The top 5 markets in Malta which you must visit. Remember to carry a big bag for each one. You are bound to shop until you drop!

St. Lucia

With golden sand and sparkling seas, St. Lucia is an excellent island to visit. There is a wide range of natural features that you can explore here. Examples of these are beaches, hills, coral reefs, hot springs, and waterfalls.


Located in Italy, this is one of the most beautiful island destinations that you can visit. Capri is a fantastic vacation place. That’s because it has a glowing sea cave, a blue grotto, and soaring cliffs.

Bali in Indonesia

Here, you can satisfy your senses in full. Bali delivers a great combination of culture, color, and cuisine. You can sample the rice meals and proceed to the beaches for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. Bali has an enchanting, rewarding spirit.

The Dalmatian Islands

Located in Croatia, these islands have magic, history, and charm. The Dalmatian Islands provide beautiful restaurants, hotels, and villages. You can explore the beaches and explore delicacies at the fishing harbor.

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This destination fulfills all the requirements of an island paradise. Here, you can relax upon soft white sand, dive, swim, and fish as well. In Fiji, there is a collection of 300 different islands to explore!

The Maldives

The Maldives are a combination of 26 atolls. This archipelago is well known to have some of the most beautiful islands. The sand is white and the water is clear aquamarine. Beneath the surface, you can explore colorful reefs and exotic fish.

Bora Bora in French Polynesia

This island is shaped like a massive sombrero. Bora Bora provides a wealth of relaxing, colorful and exotic activities. You can explore the lush jungle, lagoons, and turquoise waters while creating life-long memories.

Palawan in the Philippines

Stretching from the mountain range to the seaside of Borneo, Palawan is a hidden paradise. The jungles provide hiking trails and exotic food. Also, the seawater is so clear that you can see the fish in detail from your kayak!


With rainforest in much of its interior, Kaua’i provides something for everyone. Jungle lovers can hike through the rainforest while swimmers can enjoy the white beaches and turquoise waters. The tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs complete the exotic experience!

Ko Phi Phi

Essentially an archipelago in Thailand, this is an excellent and relaxing destination island that you can visit. Ko Phi Phi is a tropical paradise with lush rain forests and cool beaches. It survived the tsunami in 2004 and is more resplendent than ever before.

The Whitsunday Islands

These islands give tropical beauty to Australia. 74 in number, the Whitsunday Islands are breathtaking. They are the peaks of underwater hills. The water is rich in tropical fish and coral. Therefore, you can enjoy activities such as diving and snorkeling.


This is an attractive island which is located in Italy. Sardinia features a combination of peaks by the coastline, white sands. The turquoise water adds to the island’s charm. You can also enjoy the delicious cuisine and culture of the locals.

There are many magical islands around the world. These are the most breathtaking ones. They are worth the visit and can transform your vacation into a fantastic experience. By visiting these islands, you can make life-long memories!

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