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Be the Boss of Your Wedding Venue Florals

When you think about all the arrangements you need to do for your wedding, it can get a bit overwhelming at times. How the heck are you supposed to be done with all of this in time and not get stressed out completely? Well it can be done and you will be fine. If you can’t afford a wedding planner, because let’s face it, they are costly, try finding a friend who is a bit OCD and believe me, they will do a good job.


One of the most important things in your wedding venue will be the flowers. They will set the whole mood and decorate the venue beautifully. That being said, flower arrangements are pretty costly, and paying someone to make them is even more costly. If you have a clear idea of what you want, consider making them yourself. It won’t be cheap, it will just be cheaper. But in order to make such a big project come to life, you will have to plan and organize carefully. Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan it all out.


Get All the Stuff in Advance

You are probably aware that flowers won’t be the only thing you need. You will have to buy things like floral tape, pins, floral scissors, and depending on what the arrangement is for, bigger and smaller vases. For starters, pick some flowers up for the mock test you will make with your friends. Don’t buy all the flowers at this point because it is bound to get a bit dried up however you care for them. If you still haven’t decided what flowers you want to use, think about your wedding theme, about the venue and about the color scheme that will be present at the venue. Mind you that it is always good to keep in mind that all florists are permanently stocked with seasonal flowers – if things pan out and some of them get dried up or broken, it will be oh-so-easy to replace them.


Where do you Want Them?

This depends on the size of your wedding as well. If your wedding is a bit off top, you will want more decorations, bigger centerpieces and that all means more flowers and more hands on task. When it comes to making bouquets, think about your own, then bouquets for the bridesmaids and if you’re having a flower girl, make her outfit special with a beautiful pastel flower wreath and a decorated flower basket. As for the centerpieces, you will need them on each of the tables, at the entryway, buffer tables, as bar decorations, and if you’re really keen you might invest in a large room centerpiece that will be full of flowers. Take the time to figure out where you want to put the flowers, because it will give you a clearer picture about the number of flowers you will need.


Arrange your Team

You will need a decent and capable group of helpers to help you out with making your flower arrangements. If you’re thinking you and your hubby will be able to do it alone, stop what you’re thinking and open your phonebook. Call your girlfriends, your female relatives and whoever you think would be fitting of the task and call them over for a mock test. Be sure to tell them in advance what you will be doing and ask them if they are up for it. Regardless of the fact you are friends, take charge and be firm with the decision making. Show them exactly what you want, and it would be best to give them tips on exactly how you made it that way. Then leave an example for them to follow and measure up the time that it takes for you to make a certain number of arrangements.


If you follow these tips, making your own flower arrangements won’t be that stressful. Just remember that good organization is key and that this is indeed doable. And when you commit to a project that is as personal as this, you will always be happy that you did it, and you will have a special relationship with it, which will make your wedding that much better.

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