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Boost the Value of Your Home Without Redoing the Kitchen/Bath

Home values continue to rise, and fewer people are selling now than in recent years. With that in mind, It’s a perfect time to invest in upgrades that will improve the value of your home now and in the future.

Here are just a few home improvement projects that pay off no matter when you sell your home:

Windows and Doors

First impressions make a big difference, and the front door is no exception to that rule. Just like with everything else, home buyers and visitors will make up their minds about a house within the first seven seconds. Invite them in with a stunning, energy-efficient double glazing door. In cold months, you can lose more than 40% of your energy through windows and doors.

Photo by Tuckahoe Creek Construction, Inc.

While the up front cost of installing glazing windows and doors may be higher than other types, the money it can save pays for itself. And that isn’t the only benefit to these products. They’re durable and offer better sound barriers to block out the noise of traffic or sirens outside.

Photo by Birdseye Design

Smart Home Security

There are more benefits to having a home security system than could be covered in this article, but the advantages are clear. Not only does it deter crime and lower homeowners insurance rates, but it can help you keep track of your kids, notify you of gas or water problems, and improve home efficiency.

Photo by Scout

Thanks to technology, you can now get systems, such as home security Phoenix, that communicate with your smartphone no matter where you are. In fact, it could even connect to Amazon’s Alexa and give you remote access to any part of your home security and efficiency. This sort of tech will improve with time, and installing a good system now will make future upgrades easier.

Photo by Smarta: Design,Construction and Technology

Curb Appeal

Remember what was mentioned about first impressions? Curb appeal goes hand-in-hand with that aspect of improvements. Take an honest assessment of your front yard from across the street and ask yourself if the house looks welcoming. But don’t stop there. Take a look at your neighbors as well. Having a landscaped front yard is important, but if the neighbors make yours look less desirable, consider how you can change that.

Photo by Convex Development

Once you’ve given your front yard a good look, take a picture and review it in black and white to reveal the truth about where there may be cracks in the walls or visible flaws. Using black and white images makes those flaws pop out. Another option is having a neighborhood cleaning party where everyone mows lawns, plants flowers, or adds lights. This helps everyone’s home value go up and makes the block appear like a cohesive unit.

Photo by Erin Johnson Interiors, LLC

Floors and More

As a homeowner, it can be easy to forget about the quality of the floor you use every day. If the floors are worn, consider replacing them with updated, more durable materials that are guaranteed to last. Experts recommend using engineered hardwood or floating cork materials for a longer-lasting effect.

Photo by Amber Flooring

Sometimes rugs just need a professional cleaning. Other times they are just better off replaced. Trends are leaning toward hardwood floors and area rugs, so consider getting rid of the carpet for good.

Photo by Isolina Mallon Interiors

Create Space

It’s no secret that homeowners are leaning toward more open spaces that offer a flow from one room to the next. If your kitchen is blocked-off from the dining room, consider knocking out the wall (as long as it isn’t a load-bearing wall) and connecting the two spaces together. Tight entryways can be opened into larger areas using the same method. Narrow doorways only belong on bedroom and bathroom doors. Make everything else bigger to help open the home up.

Photo by Tile Setters Hawaii Llc

Install storage systems in laundry rooms, closets, and the home office to give everything a cleaner, more organized room. This gives the illusion of space.

Photo by Distinctive Remodeling Solutions, Inc

If you are looking for other ways to boost the value of your home, consider these eight tips to give it a boost of up to 35%.

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