Birds of Prey: 3 Ways Birds Can Damage Your Property

Birds can pose a threat to the exterior of your home. They can also have an adverse effect of the air quality inside your home. Being an observant homeowner can help you quickly become aware of a newly built nest or an accumulation of droppings. Throughout the year, you should regularly visually inspect the exterior of your home to see if there are any signs of bird-related damage. Regular inspections will give you a chance to fix a small problem before it becomes a big problem.


Gutters are an important feature of your home. Their function is to assure that water drains off the roof properly so that you don’t experience roof damage and leaks. Gutters seem to appeal to birds looking for a nesting location. Once they begin constructing their nest, the gutter becomes clogged and water can’t drain properly. This could lead to structural damage if the nest isn’t removed. The standing water that doesn’t drain properly can also attract mosquitoes and other unwanted pests.


The corner of a roof is another area that birds like to build nests in. Anytime birds spend a significant amount of time on your roof, there will be droppings in that area. Bird droppings are highly acidic. That acidity can cause deterioration and rot to occur on your roof. Roof repair from bird droppings and pecking can lead to leaks which can cause damage to the interior of your home. If there are cracks in the ceiling birds may nest their way into your attic. When you’re inspecting your roof for possible bird-related problems, you should also check to see that there is no entryway for birds to enter the attic of your home. You don’t want birds with their potentially harmful dropping and mites taking up residence in your attic.

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One area of concern that many homeowners are unaware of is the hazard that birds can pose to the ventilation in their home. A bird nest can block the ventilation of a home exhaust system thereby preventing the release of carbon monoxide. This can be deadly. A bird nest clogging the chimney can be a fire hazard. Depending on the location of your HVAC unit, bird droppings can build up on the unit and cause it not to function properly.

Birds and homeowners have been at odds for a long time. Because of this, there’s an abundance of bird deterrent options available to help keep your home safe from bird-related damage. A small investment in prevention far outweighs the expense you could incur by ignoring the presence of birds that are damaging your home.

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