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The Best Window Accessories You Can Find Online

Roller blinds are one of the most popular forms of window coverings, as they look great and can be installed into any home. They are the lowest cost option which means people tend to gravitate towards this type of blind more than others.

These kinds of window treatments can totally transform your home, by offering control over the light levels and can even be used to control the temperature of a room by reducing how much direct sunlight it gets, depending on the material used.

Roller blinds are a great accessory to add into your home, as they offer a modern and easy to control feature that can make the space more comfortable.

Shopping for Holland blinds online is a great way to save time and money, while still creating the home you desire.

Shop For Custom Blinds Online

My Direct Blinds offers a great range of DIY roller blinds that can be customized to suit any home.

As this is an online retailer, they can offer quality blinds and shutters for more than half the price that traditional brick and mortar stores offer. They also help you save money by providing quality DIY roller blinds that you can easily install yourself, allowing you to have total control of your home.

My Direct Blinds understands that all homes are different, which means they have different needs when it comes to window treatments.

This is why they offer custom roller blinds and shutters that you can adjust based on your needs and preferences.

Using their simple and easy to control online interface, you can create stunning DIY roller blinds that will suit every room in the house and offer the light control you require, perfectly matching your window measurements down to a T.

Create DIY Roller Blinds For Your Home

My Direct Blinds has a great range of roller blinds, also known as Holland blinds, to choose from. This catalogue is made even more extensive due to the customizations they allow, which means that you can create the perfect roller blinds for each room in your home with ease.

Some of the customisation options available on their roller blinds are:

  1. Huge range of fabric types, textures and colours to choose from.
  2. Rubber Inserts on base rails as an option to help prevent damage to your architraves when the blinds roll up and down, or to greatly reduce noise when operating the blinds.
  3. Motorisation Options
  4. Zero Gravity cordless options
  5. Decorative fascia / pelmet options
  6. Linked Blinds for larger width spans
  7. Highest quality components with extensive warranty

Roller blinds are one of the most popular options when it comes to window accessories, as they are so easy to cut and measure. My Direct Blinds’ DIY roller blinds are incredibly easy to install and will arrive at your door within a matter of days. You’ll just need to follow their incredible easy ‘how to measure and install’ videos and PDF’s.

This retailer delivers directly to all locations around Australia, making them highly accessible and efficient. Delivery is fast and reliable, My Direct Blinds can deliver to all major cities around Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and more.

Affordable Roller Blinds To Buy

My Direct Blinds are proud to offer high-quality window furnishings, at great prices.

No matter what kind of budget you are working with, you will be able to find something for your home at My Direct Blinds. They offer great discounts on their range of DIY roller blinds which will continue to help you save money, as they can be easily installed independently.

All blinds are made using the highest quality materials possible, and all come with an incredible five-year warranty.

My Direct Blinds is a great retailer of window furnishings, offering the latest styles and unique customizations that can suit any living space.

How To Buy Custom DIY Roller Blinds?

Shopping online for roller blinds can save you a lot of time and money.

You can browse through My Direct Blinds’ online catalogue and select the styles of roller blinds that you like the best from the comfort of your own home. If you are not sure which kind of roller blinds you require, this website also offers an instant free quote and product recommendations based on the measurements you provide.

As each product comes with a five-year warranty, all purchases made through this retailer are risk-free as long as your measurements are correct. This allows you to create completely custom DIY roller blinds for your home. With custom, easy to install DIY roller blinds, you can totally transform your living space to ensure that it is comfortable all year long no matter where you are located in Australia.

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