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Best Wellness Retreats Around the World

We live in stress-filled times. Daily routines, demanding schedules and long commutes call for an escape every now and then, and a quick escape to a wellness retreat could be precisely the thing you need. More than a spa break, wellness retreats are meant to address specific conditions with programmes focussed on detoxification, weight-loss, stress reduction and anti-ageing. Here are some of the most luxurious and hi-tech wellness retreats around the world, guaranteed to have you rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

The Farm, Philippines

Here in the lush Batangas region in the Philippines is a luxury wellness retreat quite unlike any other. Embracing a back-to-nature philosophy, the retreat creates a relaxed ambience that offers nutritious raw food diets, emotional guidance, and detox treatments through the duration of your stay. The ideal destination for a rejuvenating anti-ageing vacation where you can indulge in a variety of treatments and therapies done with local and organic products, The Farm is an experience like no other. Don’t forget to stop at the award-winning restaurant Alive! that only serves raw and vegan food and detoxi juices that will help you along your wellness journey.

Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

This luxurious but rustic wellness getaway is set into the hillside overlooking Redondo Bay on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. With eco-friendly design nestled in lush vegetation and healthy cuisines, you can relax in verdant spaces, where wooden rooms with private plunge pool afford expansive ocean views of white sand beaches. Enjoy your yoga practice along the beautiful ocean-view yoga platforms where the classes are held every morning.  But remember there is a high probability of spotting howler monkeys or iguanas on your morning walk to yoga.

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Como Shambhala, Bali

Set on a beautiful island, this award-winning holistic spa offers healthy cuisine and stunning accommodation in the lush tropical jungles of Bali. Balinese wellness nurtures with its holistic approach to wellness programmes. Enjoy a bit of yoga, swimming, cycling and hiking between spa treatments and an invigorating diet. The peaceful atmosphere and spirit of sharing here at Como Shambhala make is the ideal destination for solo travellers.

Ananda, India

Set in the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda is a wellness retreat that is built on the philosophy of mental, physical, and spiritual health, to create a unique programme designed to boost your overall wellbeing. It specialises in Ayurvedic spa holidays and offers close to 80 treatments that focus on yoga, detox, and weight management. Return home refreshed after a holiday here.

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Haramara Retreat, Mexico

Haramara is one of the most luxurious hotels in Mexico; a yoga retreat spread over 12 acres of seaside vegetation. Built using traditional construction techniques to minimise environmental impact, there is also no electricity besides in the restaurant and yoga studio. Each room is housed in a private standalone thatched hut without windowpanes or screens – only gauze curtains to separate you from the jungle, and mosquito nets to keep the critters out. It focuses on detox, relaxation, yoga and meditation.

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