Best tips to Make your House Look Luxurious from Outside in 2021

When considering upgrades for your home, many think first about the interior design. However, it is easy to overlook that investment in the outdoors will make a huge difference in the look and – if, by any chance, you are considering moving in the future, the price of the property. It is easy to think about these as not important parts since people live inside, but how do you feel when you pass by a beautiful home? Amazed, maybe a little jealous over the luxuriousness… The following list will give you some fine ideas to get your house to the same feel – living in the elegant mansion like a true property owner that you are.

Explore different aesthetics

The clean look of a white house with big windows and a fresh lawn, the retro feel of pastel yellow façade behind trees and garden, or the rosettes and the brick of the royal Victorian-style… All of these are separate aesthetics and should be considered separately. Maybe a Pinterest search and vision board there would be a great start to the transformation.


Something simple like the fresh colour on the house façade can make a world of a difference in the looks. From washed-off grey from the wind and sun or the soft yellow that darkened over time, to the cleanliness of a new colour – the house radiates life when given just a new façade. If you have chosen the new aesthetics and are looking for a fancy upgrade or detailing, you should definitely consider wall cladding. The cladding can get you to the desired upgrade, and it will be done fast, with an effect that lasts.

Memorable entrance

The doors to your home are the point no one can avoid, especially when visiting. The bigger, or the fuller-looking door (made from hardwood and with glass elements), give the house a warm, inviting, but well-situated look. Even the details like the door handle, the wreath or the bell, or even the pet door make a difference so choose wisely.

Big Windows

As eyes are door to the soul, so the windows are the eyes of the home – the more open the house looks, the more inviting it looks. Big windows definitely give a feeling of wealth. Maybe it is because of the old homes with tall and big windows, but it may also be because there is a lot of space inside that needs lightning. When it comes to the types of windows, follow your vision and you will not make a mistake.

Green Landscape

The smell of freshly cut lawn is what reminds the older generations of the easy times when everyone was more relaxed and somehow had more. Either way, water is in danger nowadays, and as such you should consider an easier to care for a native garden. Check out the native species and invest in a tree – the grass is more likely to grow underneath, and the value of the house will grow with the tree.

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Walkways and driveways

A simple, effective, house addition that will be appreciated every day – the walkway to the entrance that connects your home to the street, and the driveway to keep your and your guests’ car clean and safe to check out. There is no mistake with this investment, but do try to make the ways simple and connected not to become a huge investment and eat all the plant space.

Garage doors

Investing in the house for your car and the additional storage idea is never bad, especially if you know that the price of the house will go up with the automatic garage doors with windows, that match the other entrances to the house in colour. The additional storage will be safer with the door that cannot be easily broken into, and with the windows, it will be easy to keep everything neat and clean.

Backyard pergola or composite deck

Part of the outside of your home, even if seen rarely, is the backyard. Investing in the pretty pergola and sitting area, adding a bar and a place for a grill will give you more private space to enjoy your home and further promote your quality of life. Being able to spend time outside, in the sun or under the moonlight, is of special importance to our health and mustn’t be overlooked. The added bonus of having a luxurious private park with a garden and a few trees will make your backyard a piece of Eden.

Following these tips, you will surely find the measure of change you wish and are able to afford to get the desired looks. However, the most important tip is to match your home with your lifestyle.

Author bio:

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and designer, and her ultimate passion is art and architecture. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner.

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