Best Plants To De-Stress Your Home and Purify The Air

We all know how important plants are. They bring us food, shade, seeds for planting, medication, and clean the air we breathe. They provide animals, birds, and insects with the same. Plants are an important part of the cycle of life on our planet. In research for the writing of this article, we begin with the big one, photosynthesis. To state it simply, plants take in carbon monoxide and put off oxygen. People take in oxygen and put off carbon monoxide. So this is like a really big deal. Keeping plants in your home helps keep the air fresh (and new), Fresh oxygen leads to clearer thinking and being more alert. Now, you can select any of many green plants to keep you air rotation going. But, plants do this process during the day, except for one. The snake plant. This pretty plant is tall and thin with green leaves with a yellow stripe. This is on the list of approved for use by NASA. This is a great plant to keep in the corner of your bedroom.

Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm is pretty and exotic and when you ask most people what they know about it they say it is food to the cutest little Panda Bears. So let me tell you about this ugly little chemical called Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is mixed with two other chemicals to embalm the dead. It is not deadly in small amounts, but it is deadly. Formaldehyde is found in pressed wood, fiberboard, foam insulation, carpet, cigarettes, fuel-burning appliances (like gas-stoves and Kerosene-heaters.)  The formaldehyde does not give off in large amounts unless something containing it is burning. But it can cause eye, ear, nose, and throat irritation. It can be especially harmful to babies or the elderly. It can induce asthma attacks. The Bamboo Palm removes formaldehyde from the air.

This is just one example of many. The fact is, people have no idea the number of toxins we breathe every day. Modern conveniences often bring with them small amounts of chemicals. The amounts on their own are not enough to make us sick. But, if we are allergic to them or if they combine with other chemicals, they can cause respiratory problems. Prevention is much easier to deal with than trying to find a cure after the fact. Usually, the answer is house plants. The more plants you have the better. You can do a web search as I did, and search well-known searches. NASA is famous for the list they published on plants that are approved to accompany astronauts into space. You will find studies on plants that clean the air, studies on plants that heal and cure the human body, and plants that are nutritional and should be part of your diet.

Plants that are air purifying


Chrysanthemums filter out a lot of toxins including ammonia and benzene. These toxins are found in plastics, detergents, and glue products. It is recommended to keep these pretty flowers in your kitchen and laundry room. They love sunlight, so keep them near a window where they get the most of the sun.

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Broad Lady Palm

This is a beautiful plant that loves humidity. Start it from quality seed or you will spend some major dollars for this lady. Grow her in your bathroom. The Broad Lady Palm is one of the few plants that can remove ammonia from a wide range of cleaning products.

Ben PL [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Chinese Evergreen

This beautiful plant clears the air from toxic chemicals in cleaning products. But, it also clears the air from toxics in the cosmetic industry.

As you can see, plant life ensures a better quality of life and your home will look better top

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