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Best Patio Heater 2019

Lower temperatures during autumn and winter seasons should not limit the extent to which you spend time outdoors. Investing in a good patio heater will enable you and your family to enjoy dinner within the patio, without having to worry about the weather. To help you out, we’ve detailed- below- some of the patio heaters that are worth incorporating into your setup of heating appliances. Some of the aspects taken into account when coming up with this list include aesthetic appeal, versatility of use, portability, heating range and the overall durability of the heaters.

Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater

If you’ve ever researched online for guidelines for choosing the best patio heater, you’ll notice that aesthetic appeal is factored in most of the time. Fire Sense’s heater is a winner as far as that goes, as it comes in a tall shape and a sleek design that is visually striking. The fact that this propane-fueled heater is available in up to 10 color options is just a plus. You can use these at home or at your business places and blend them in with your existing decor, taking advantage of the diverse color options. For instance, if your outdoor area/business venue boasts minimalist decor, you might want to go for a Fire Sense heater with a subdued color. What’s more, it’s not all about aesthetics with this heater, as it is capable of heating an area of up to 18 feet.

Tall Quartz Glass Patio Heater

This heater tramples the rest in terms of durability, as it features a high-quality steel and aluminium construction. This sturdy build makes this pyramid-shaped heater better equipped to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. Other standout features in this heating appliance that you might find interesting include the ‘dancing flame’ design aspect and the built-in safety valve that prompts the heater to shut-off as soon as it is tilted.

Ener- G+ Freestanding Electric Patio Heater

One could argue that this freestanding heater is among the most versatile in the market right now, owing to its wide table top design. This means that you can use the heater itself as a patio table. The tabletop is made of clear glass, giving it a visually alluring appearance that builds on the surrounding areas decor. In addition, this electric heater performs quite well-in terms of how much warmth it can accord you-as it boasts a decent 1400 watts. The fact that it is powered electrically also means that this is a much safer outdoor heating option, as compared to propane-fueled heaters.

Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater

Weighing only one pound, this propane-fueled heater accords users a portability advantage that cannot be overlooked. The heater’s low weight means that it is a great option for those looking to spend long hours outdoors. Therefore, the next time you’re going overnight camping or hunting, you might want to invest in one of these. They also feature a safety shut-off, according them a decent score to the appliance safety scale as well.

The patio heaters above are all great, but the ultimate choice as to what heater is best for you depends on you and what you consider as your heating needs. Do you want to heat a large space or a small space? Do you want a heater that you can move around to other areas of the house/compound, as you deem necessary? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself when you’re looking to buy a patio heater.

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