Best Lighting Colour Combinations Plans By Bathroom Designers

Your bathroom is the most integral space of your home. It should radiate positive vibes and should be done up brightly. Most bathrooms have a black or white color combination, which may look clichéd.

If you like creative spaces, you must plan out a bathroom with a wonderful color combination to add that added spark. After all, it’s the space where you contemplate the most.

Light elements play a huge role in bathroom decor. If the lighting setup is correct – it changes the whole feel of the bathroom. Besides, bathroom designers give special emphasis on bathroom lighting. Bathroom renovations port macquarie may also suggest great ideas.

Best Lighting Colour Combinations:

Contemporary yellow lights

Yellow lights look fab in your bathroom decor. The setup completely helps to transform the theme. Moreover, yellow lights give a dreamlike appearance that radiates a different charm.

The most important thing in the yellow light setup is – the placing. You can place the lights evenly in the corners of the bathroom or choose a spot that is ideal for reflection. Yellow shade keeps the whole bathroom setup vibrant.

Photo by Diane Burcz Interior Design

White lights for illumination

Most bathroom designers suggest a white light setup. The illumination created by the white lights looks magical and dreamy. Plus, white lights make sure your space looks big. Bright white-colored lights look good with every background.

If your bathroom looks spacious – it will reflect a different charm. In addition, you can use customized white lights to make a difference in your bathroom decor.

Photo by Mark English Architects, AIA

LED light setup

LED light setup in the bathroom will make your space future-ready. The concept is not new but most people don’t experiment with it. LED lights can illuminate your bathroom space and make the place look amazing. Pairing them with mirror lights can make a difference in the whole theme. That said, you will love to stay in your bathroom with the magical LED lights.

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Photo by GlassCrafters Inc

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights can give your bathroom an elegant look. The lights look great with any decor or theme you choose. White or yellow ceiling lights add a new dimension to the bathroom and make it look cozy.

Additionally, ceiling lights are available in four shades to give your bathroom a royal look. Contemporary ceiling lights are good even when you don’t light them.

Photo by One Week Bath, Inc.

Vanity lights

Vanity lights look trendy and pretty. But vanity lights are not for everyone. The lights give a creative feel to the whole setup. Moreover, the lights reflect complete positivity, which changes the whole feel of your bathroom. If you have gold modern decor, vanity lights will blend well with the decor.

Photo by Solid Apollo LED

Simple tube lights

If you like simple things – go with a simple lighting concept. As advised by designer bathrooms port macquarie – you can use simple tube lights for your bathroom decor. The only thing you need to keep in mind is – the placement of the tube light.

Photo by Dick Clark + Associates

To Sum up,

A bathroom renovator can suggest you many lighting ideas to highlight your bathroom space. With the right creativity – you can make a difference.

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