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Best Interior Painting Ideas 2019

Design of a room heavily relies on its hue. The color not only changes the look but is known to affect the moods of the residents. Choosing the right paint color is more like a riddle. There are so many options which appear to be perfect. Yet the transformative power of a paint color urges every homeowner to think twice before dipping the brush into the paint.

Past recent years have been on the edgy side and color pops of darks hades were in trend. As we have spent more than half the year 2019, it is a good time to discuss the painting ideas for this year. You have still got the time to pick any of these shades. Always hire professionals for high-quality painting and live large.

Let us dive into the world of indulging hues to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Living Coral

We are starting with the color of the year announced by one of the best paint color institutes “Pantone”. The experts described “With everything that’s going on today, we’re looking for those humanizing qualities because we’re seeing online life dehumanizing a lot of things.” This lively shade emits unparalleled energy for life. It is one of the most used and trendy colors for home renovation.

Photo by Burkhart Brothers Construction

2. Soft Clay

The zesty hues of soft clay evoke the spirit of Miami. They provide a sunny hue to a room with casual elegance. It is a perfect choice with the earthly spirit and alleviates love for a living and wandering.

3. Muted Pastels

Chalky pastels bring a soothing appeal to a room. These colors are the perfect choice for living rooms. This texture makes it suitable for common sitting places of a home. A dramatic backsplash added with the muted pastels can do the magic.

Photo by Kati Curtis Design

4. Lilac Gray

Most of the interior designers love to incorporate grays in the interior painting due to its serenity. 2019 is witnessing an amazing undertone to somewhat-boring grays for some people. Lilac grays are moodier versions of classic dove grays. It is a refreshing alternative with its fine subtility.

5. Hazelnut Paint Colors

When we are bringing livelier colors onto the canvas, what is better than hues of hazelnut. Varying tones are incorporated to bounce and reflect the incoming lights. The warm and inviting colors add the illusion of space. It suits well with the wood furnishings.

Photo by Kayron Brewer, CMKBD / Studio K B

6. Bronzes

Rich bronzes and clay are being used for unparalleled aesthetic appeals. The bronzes are a perfect match for minimalistic designs. At the same time, they are cherished as modern and industrial. You can mix a bit of blues to add drama and texture to home walls.

7. Aqua Blues

Blue has stood the test of time and always finds a way into the homes. The pale shades are loved for their casual yet classic appeals. It makes a room look spacious and soothing. Subtle muted hues are known to leave a strong initial impact. Aqua blues bring life to an area with fun.

Photo by Direction One, Inc.

8. Raw Wood Shades

Life and nature cannot be separated. Interestingly, nature has inspired humans to decorate their homes with the same colors. Wood has been cherished for its warmth and luxurious appeal. Raw wood color tones have overtaken the walls for the year of 2019. Mushroom greys a fern inspired colors are among the top favorite.

9. Mustard

Mustard is the perfect alternative for gold. It adds a pop of color and yet is not too loud for the eyes. It instantly creates rich accents suitable for walls as well as trims. Muted mustard colors create provocative depth in the home décor. Do not go overboard with this color else it might evoke a lot of energy.

Photo by Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

10. Saturated Beau Green

Forest greens are mixed with darker hues to create the “Night Watch” shade. It is the saturated beau green shade finding its rightful place after the 90s. It adds a rich texture and depth to the room. Greens have their healing properties but too much arboreal shade can be overwhelming for some.

11. Hunter Green

Another shade of green, known as hunter green is topping the charts for 2019. This color holds life and is intrinsic. It is the timeless choice which works best with neutral shades. Hunter green shade smoothly transitions between elements of home décor. The color does not go against the furniture and holds an appeal for all genders.

12. Pale Pink Shades

Monochromatic pale colors are finding their place in the color charts. Pale pink pallets are one of the most favorite hues to brighten up the completely white walkways.

Photo by Domus Nova

13. Whites

Whites are nowhere to go when it comes to home painting. It has been a favorite since ages and is still not too old or boring.

14. Caramels

Sun washed and warm caramel shades are loved by the earthly people. It creates a sense of “home” for most of the people. Mix some parts of terra cotta to add more personality to this shade. These shades give a welcoming warmth with a deep persona. Color splashes can be used to oomph up the browns.

15. Color Pop Accents

Though bold colors are not suitable to bring the boldness this year, color pops are not gone. Rich blues with neutrals still top the list of accents.

Photo by Chris Snook

16. Lively Yellows

Yellows bring optimism to life. Why not paint your living room walls with optimistic and lively yellow hues? It brings happiness and life together. They are not more suitable for bedrooms as they elicit energy responses. Add a yellow pop to the kitchen to stimulate hunger and love for food.

17. Creamy Rust Shades

Creamy rust shades make everything more impeccable, elegant and tasty. It is soothing yet holds a serenity with a definition.

18. Muted Purples

The violet shades were announced as the color of the year by Pantone in 2018. It is still loved for its luxury appeal. In short, interior painting in 2019 is more about lively colors inspired by the residing people.

Photo by Bruce Palmer Interior Design

Author Bio

Ashley Knight has spent ten years of her life working for paint color institutes. She is an enthusiast of home décor and colors. She writes educational posts, loves coffee and her two adorable daughters.

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