Best Effective Heating Solutions for any Room

Winter is right around the corner, and it brings with it the burning questions that it does every year. How to heat your home and keep it warm enough during these cold days? What is the most efficient way of heating and is there any way to reduce the high bills that come in a pair with the cold season, and that seem to be inevitable this time of the year?

Many already have some heating system that has been in place for years, but they don’t really think about whether it is the most effective one regarding cost, the amount of heat it produces, and the amount of energy it uses. Some have already come to terms with their increased bills and are not considering that there are many ways to decrease them. First of all, there are some smaller and simpler things that you could do to make your heating more efficient, such as regulating the thermostat better and setting it to optimal temperatures, air sealing your doors and windows, regular maintenance of your system, among many others. But when it comes to some bigger, more significant changes, the best option would be to consider different types of heating systems.

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Whether you are thinking about replacing the old one, or this is your first time installing and deciding on a heating system, here is a rundown of some of the most common, as well as the most energy-efficient heating solutions applied nowadays, that could help you with your decision.

Electric heating

This is one of the most common systems, especially where there is no central heating system available. It heats up space fairly quickly, and there is no need to worry whether you will be warm enough. Electric heating usually comes in the form of electric heaters. They are convenient because they can be moved around easily, they are portable, and there is no additional hardwiring necessary – you can just plug them in and let them do their job.

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Portable electric heaters are not the most efficient type of heating, and they are among the most expensive ones, but sometimes there are no better options. They are mostly used when the main heating system is not quite adequate, for example, if you only want to heat one room or to heat a room that is always a bit colder. In these cases, they are efficient, since you don’t have to turn up your entire main heating system, and so it will save you some money on your bills.

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Solar heating

This is a slightly different, newer approach to heating, and it does not involve a typical heating system. The main thing about solar heating is that it is based on the specific design and the construction of your house, with the goal of using the full potential of the sun’s energy. There is usually no specialized and additional equipment needed to be installed, and it is also called active solar heating.

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Some of the most important elements of this kind of home and heating is that the windows are facing the sun, that the house is properly insulated and sealed so that it can hold all the heat inside, placing the house in an ideal location, and having no major obstacles to prevent the sunlight to come inside.

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This kind of heating can be a sufficient source of heat, and it is certainly the cheapest one because the energy you use is natural and free. But where they are not enough, for example in some significantly colder climates, they can function as supplements to your main heating systems in many different forms, and work well with central heating systems, radiant heating systems, and boilers with hot water radiators.

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Wood heating

When it comes to wood heating, this has also developed further, and apart from the wood itself, you can also use pellets. Wood and pellet heating systems are efficient, both use natural material, but the difference is that wood burning releases more pollutants into the air, so the pellet-burning appliances have become more popular.

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Pellets are made of the recyclable waste material that would otherwise go to waste and their burning causes much less air pollution. This is a relatively cheap heating system since the appliance or the furnace itself is not expensive, and nor are the pellets, which are usually bought in bulk. For a more efficient heating, it is important to take into consideration the size of your house, rooms, or specific space that you plan to heat, and buy an appropriately-sized furnace.

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