Best Buying Guide for Choosing a Mattress for Back Pain

Medical studies have revealed that a growing number of people suffer from back pain and a leading cause for this is sleeping on the wrong mattress or uncomfortable pillows. To help us fix the sleeping problem, specialists have issued solid pieces of advice on how to choose the right bed which could allow us to relax, to maintain a good sleeping posture, and to enjoy a healthy rest. I put together the most important guiding lines you should keep in mind when shopping for a mattress which could reduce that annoying back pain:

Try it out

Most experts recommend consumers to try different mattresses until they find the one to suit them best. Thanks to the evolution of online shopping, now we don’t have to go to a store for this. We can use the internet to find out anything we need to know about various types of mattresses and order our favorite product from an online retailer. They all offer trial periods, so you can try the mattress in the comfort of your home and return it if you’re not satisfied with the result.

Check the body weight distribution

A backache is probably more common in the lower area of the spine, but you can feel it anywhere from the neck down to the hips. That’s why it is essential to have a mattress that allows a proper distribution of the body weight: it will keep the spine straight. This back pain mattress website warns us that if the surface we’re sleeping on creates gaps between the cover and the body, we will surely wake up with joint pains.

Consider your sleeping position

You may be a back-sleeper, a side-sleeper or a stomach-sleeper; each of these positions requires different features from a mattress. A medium-firm product is ideal for any sleeper, especially since most of us usually combine the sleeping styles, which leads to a lot of movement in the bed. The best choice is a memory foam mattress with high motion isolation. In fact, experts see good quality memory foam as ideal for ergonomic mattresses, for most sleepers: it has the right characteristics to provide relief for back pains.

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Find the right balance

Too firm or too soft mattresses will only enhance the problem, so you need to find the product which offers a balance between the desired comfort and the right level of support. Once again, memory foam mattresses present an advantage: they provide the needed support and keep the spine aligned while also being soft enough to grant comfort. The foam molds to the shape of your body and then supports your body weight. So keep in mind that the ideal mattress has to be not too soft and not too hard to lower the stress on your cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas.

Beware of pressure points

If pressure points occur between your body and the mattress, the body won’t stay in the right alignment, and more pressure will be placed on your spine, leading to undesired pains. That’s why it is crucial to take advantage of the trial period every online retailer offers and see if the chosen mattress places pressure on any of your major joints. If it does, send it back and try another model. You should always check the return policy for any product, whether you’re buying online or the traditional way.

One more important detail to remember: if you have a medical diagnosis related to your back pains, ask for the opinion of your doctor before purchasing a mattress. It may be beneficial, and you’ll know better what to look for amidst the variety of models presented on the market.

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