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Benefits of Working from Home for Employers and Employees

After the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown measures, it has become evident for many that people who work remotely are more productive and feel happier. The ability to work from home provides individuals with a number of very important benefits, and here are the main ones.

Perks of Remote Work for Employees

Working from home doesn’t just sound convenient – it actually is! Here are the benefits of remote work most employees value:

1. Work at Your Own Pace

Most remote employees are free to schedule their own time and work at a pace that suits them best. If you are tired, you can take a break. Or split the work into two stages – morning and evening, and have a siesta in the middle of the day.

2. No Commute Required

If you spend about two hours a day on a trip to work, in a month it will already count up to 44 hours. In a year, it sums up to about 22 days wasted on commuting. Commuting also costs money, whether it’s your own car or public transport. Besides, even more money is spent on lunch and coffee. After all, you can get it all for your kitchen at a more reasonable price.

3. More Time for Social Activities

Social life is extremely important for any person. Unfortunately, if you spend all your time either at work or traveling there, it is likely that you will be left with no energy for having fun. With remote work, you can freely plan your schedule and devote more time to communicating with people close and dear to you.

4. Less Sick Leaves

How many times have you decided not to go to the office because you caught a cold or didn’t feel very well? By being at home, you can avoid unnecessary health risks and take care of yourself better.

Remote Work Benefits for Businesses

We figured out the advantages of working from home for employees, but are there any benefits for the employer? After all, only taking into account the interests of both parties makes it possible to form a complete picture.

1. International Pool of Workers

An employer who opens a vacancy with the prospect of remote work has access to an international talent pool and can easily find the right employee anywhere in the world.

2. Employee Retention

One of the biggest perks of remote work for companies is that employees value it. Thus, the ability to work from home can be a great competitive advantage for your business.

3. Reduced Costs

Renting a good office in a convenient location can be expensive. Working remotely reduces these costs to almost zero.

4. Improved Productivity

One of the major fears among employers is that remote workers would be lazy and less productive. In fact, this is very far from the truth – remote employees, in most cases, do all the work much faster.

Is Remote Work a New Concept to You?

Even if you’ve never worked from home before, it is definitely worth a try considering all the aforementioned benefits. While you’re still searching for a job, don’t hesitate to Payday Depot loan services to help you get through this challenging period!

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