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Benefits of Installing the Baseboard in your Home

One of the most common features in many homes is the skirting board, also known as the kickboard or baseboard. However, few homeowners overlook this quality finish to go with their interior décor and end up doing replacements and repainting pretty soon as they move in. It would be best if you had an ideally looking skirting to complete the look in your home and a new painting.

A homeowner has numerous skirting options, such as MDF, wood, and PVC boards. Depending on your taste and liking of the options, you may screw, glue, or nail your PVC to get that lucrative look for your home. Here are more advantages you can gain when using a baseboard.

Covers Gaps

That perfect alignment between the wall and the floor is the hardest thing to achieve, even for experts. Therefore, making having gaps in the corner of your home an unavoidable situation. Consequently, it is installed to cover the ugly scene and give it a quality finish for your home baseboard.

Other homeowners intentionally leave spaces between the wall and floor for future house expansions when needed. However, the area may become a habitat for pests and insects. To prevent this, homeowners must cover the gap with a skirting board, and you won’t notice a thing.

Prevents Wall Damage

A baseboard also acts as a barrier and prevents any scratching or paint from being removed from your furniture. No one wants an ugly mark on their freshly painted wall or damage on their plastering. That is why it would be best to replace it immediately after removing skirting board.

It also protects the wall’s lower part from the house’s daily routine, such as cleaning, vacuuming, and wet mopping. You are likely to get into contact with the wall while doing these daily activities.

Your vacuum cleaner will leave scratches on the wall, while mopping will leave marks on the wall. Furthermore, foot traffic and children’s toys will increase more damage to your wall. It is cheaper to replace a skirting than to have repairs on your wall.

Improves on Your Home Décor

Skirting boards are among the best materials for your home interior finish design. They give your home a more professional finish and an elegant look. Depending on the plan you go for, whether it is for your office design, home finish, or to give your kitchen a better look. The method you pick will determine the overall look the boards will provide the room.

Additionally, they come with unlimited colors depending on your taste. Besides, you can paint it to give it a look that matches your room. The overall goal of skirting boards is to provide you with unlimited options for your home décor.

Easy to Install and Maintain

One of the significant reasons why skirt boarding is regularly used is because it is easy to install and maintain. The whole process involved is a DIY, but as long as you have the right tools and know the right things to do. You must also know the suitable plastic or wooden board to get the correct measurements. And depending on the material that you choose, you can use glue, screw, or nails to put them in place.

In rare instances, if you find installing and removing baseboard by yourself an uphill task. Then you can ask for professional help, which will still be cheaper since it’s a fast and easy procedure. The only part that will remain is clean it as you clean the rest of your home.

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