Benefits of Colorbond Shed and Tips to Install

What Are These Type of Sheds?

Colorbond sheds are a type of structures that are constructed using a unique and special type of steel that is oven baked finished and is resistant to blistering and flaking caused by some weather conditions. They are ideal for storage, and these units are very strong and durable. As they offer best features in the price range, many homeowners have opted for this. The steel used in these sheds are resistant to corrosion and provide optimum performance in any weather condition. They are long-lasting. These colorbond sheds are available in wide variety of designs colors.

Tips for Installing Colorbond Shed

Colorbond sheds have been revolutionizing the world. Some years back metal roofing was a budget-friendly option, but things have changed after colorbond roofing was introduced.

Before Starting

  • The first step is to review local council requirements and drawings.
  • The manual is to be read properly.
  • The bill is to be checked to ensure all materials are present.
  • Tools are to be organized.
  • Safety equipment must be present.

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Preparation of Site

  • Space should be clear and level to work.
  • There should be no obstructions present in the space.

Footing and Slab Layout

  • The area is to be marked out using the dimension of plans.
  • All layouts should be square with 90-degree angles.
  • Chalk can be used to mark the positions of brackets.
  • Brackets are to be fixed.

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Assembly of Portal Columns

  • Portal columns, apex plate, rafters, haunch plates are to be identified and laid out using the bill of materials.
  • If brackets are used for right locations or not should be checked.

Erecting the Portal Frames

  • The first step is to ensure bracing material is sufficiently available.
  • To ensure portals are square and straight a spirit level can be used.
  • Fly and cross bracing are to be installed.

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The Door and Window Frames

  • Window mullions are to be inserted into the frame and notch is to be measured.
  • Screws and window frame are to be inserted into mullions.
  • Before wall sheeting, window flashings are to be installed.
  • Special plans should be noted for roller door mullion detailing.

Wall Sheeting and Roofing

  • Neoprene washers are to be fitted in all fasteners.
  • Wall sheeting is to be done first.
  • Recommended sheet lapping and screw locations are to be used.
  • The sheet overlap must be against the prevailing wind.

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Gutters and Trims

  • Barge and ridge caps are to be installed.
  • Corner trims are to be installed.
  • Gutters and brackets are to be fitted.

Roller Doors

  • Finally, roller doors are to be installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

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There are many benefits associated with colorbond sheds such as:

  • Design Flexibility and Efficiency – They are fast and easy to erect on site. It helps to save money and time. They are precisely specified to ensure there is no or very little wastage.
  • Color Choices – Colorbond sheds are available in wide variety of color selections.
  • Durability and Strength – These colorbond sheds are resistant to corrosion and are baked after painting that prevents peeling, blistering and flaking in normal weather conditions. They are very reliable, and long-lasting as tested in many weather conditions thus are used highly in industrial and commercial industries.

Colorbond shedding is the new generation invention, and in many areas, the popularity is increasing significantly. They are a value for money product, and a must buy for people living in bad weather condition areas.

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