Become the Cool Kid on the Block This Summer

When the heat of summer comes rolling in you need to be prepared to keep you and your family cool. Other houses on your block may have their own ways of dealing with the hot Australian summers, but here are a few ways you can become the cool kid on the block this summer. Air conditioning units, fans and window films will help but there is so much more you can do. Follow our tips to make sure you and your loved ones stay cool when the temperatures rise.

1. Block The Sun

If you don’t want the heat getting into your home then go to the source, the sun! Try hanging a damp sheet in an open window on hot days. Water evaporating from the sheet will cool the breeze blowing in your window keeping you and your family cooler than ever. Alternatively, install a special thin film on your windowpanes to slow heat absorption in the summer months.

2. Use fans and air conditioning units together

Even if you are already using air conditioning units, it’s a good idea to also use a fan in your family home when temperatures rise. Keep your air conditioning units at a low power setting and turn on the fan. The air conditioning units will remove the humidity while the fan assists in the evaporation of sweat, moving heat away from your body.

3. Learn to appreciate air drying

We all know dishwashers save us loads of time but in warmer weather be sure to skip the drying cycle. Instead open the door and let your dishes dry naturally. It’s a good idea to wait until evening time when the weather is a little cooler. If you’re feeling particularly energetic then go old-school and wash your dishes by hand.

4. Water is your friend

If you truly want to be the cool kid on the block this summer, then stay hydrated. Air conditioning units, fans and other trick and tips are great at making you feel cool but you can’t beat proper hydration. Make sure you and your family avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Instead focus on drinking plenty of water and add more fruits and vegetables to your meals as they naturally contain a lot of water.

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5. The power of the mind

Sitting in your home sweating, drinking glass after glass of water and battling with your air conditioning units might not get you very far. Instead try some self-hypnosis. Read about colder climates, imagine yourself in cooler weather and you might actually notice a difference. If you bring your mind to a place where it’s not so hot then you may feel the benefits. Keep an open mind and give it a shot, it might be just the solution you have been searching for.

6. Shutdown the oven

We’re not saying to starve yourself during the summer months. But maybe consider some alternative cooking methods that don’t leave your home so hot. For example, the microwave doesn’t leave the kitchen as hot as the oven. A better option again is to take your cooking outside. Not only is the barbeque a great, social way to cook, it also keeps your home cool. Cooking outside has other advantages too; people eat outside, there’s no mess inside and the men argue about cooking for a change.

Stay Cool

Whether you choose to use air conditioning units, stay hydrated or grill up outdoors, the key to staying cool this summer is to think outside the box. With our tips, we know that you can be the cool kid on the block this summer, no matter how hot it gets.

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