Beautiful Yard Beautiful Home: 4 Aesthetic Ideas for Enhanced Enjoyment

A beautiful yard is the introduction to a beautiful home. Making yours look stunning doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of things you can do to create a pleasing and functional yard. Try these four aesthetic ideas for enhanced enjoyment of your yard.

Create a Secret Hideaway

Use a corner of your yard to build your very own secret garden. Use shrubbery to hide the corner and add a chair, swing, hammock, or other comfy and cozy seating. This is the perfect space for kids or adults to sneak away from the hustle and bustle of life and family. Let the whole family have input about what goes into this hideaway so everyone feels welcome in it. Then, take a book and a drink and enjoy your own hidden gem.

Photo by JWT Associates

Pay Attention to the Trees

One way to ensure a beautiful yard is to make sure your trees are healthy and look good. Use an arborist to trim your trees, making sure any dead or dying branches are removed, as well as any trees that are dead or dying. After the arborist is done, use a large tree to create a seat by building a wooden wraparound bench around its trunk. There’s always room for someone else on a wraparound bench.

Photo by Arterra Landscape Architects

Cool off With a Splash Pad

If you want something more than a sprinkler for hot summer days, but worry about the dangers of a pool, compromise with a family splash pad. You can pour cement and install fountains and sprinklers and have the perfect beat-the-heat retreat without the worry (or expense) of building a pool. You’ll become the neighborhood kids’ hot-spot destination and the splash pad will be a great feature if you sell your home in the future.

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Photo by Aloe Designs

Add a Patio Table

A patio table and chairs adds seating and beautiful decor to your patio and yard. Take it a step further and hire someone or find plans to DIY a custom patio table specifically for your space. A custom table adds a uniqueness to your yard that won’t be found anywhere else. It’s perfect for entertaining or for simply enjoying a cool drink as you relax with dinner outdoors.

Photo by Kim Rooney Landscape Architecture

Making your yard an aesthetically pleasing place is easy. Be creative and have fun with what you do in the space you have. Big or small, a few simple touches can make your yard as much fun as the inside of your home.

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