The Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel by Train

This article is for anyone who wanting to make a small change in his life, leave the car behind and forget the airplane flights. Train ride will relax you and will allow you an amazing and unforgettable experiences, that will stay in your minds for a long time. Well, if you decide that you would like to engage in such an adventure, then we recommend you to following a few places in the world:

Expedition Gunn Australia

Abbreviated of Afghan Express, train Gunn will stroll you through the heart of Australia in comfortable private cabins. Starting from the endless green meadows in Adelaide, until the tropical Darwin, landscapes are constantly changing during the expedition. At each station, you can choose from various excursions that will additionally introduce you to this amazing piece of land, including some of the most popular mines in Kuber Paddy and flying in a helicopter over national parks Kakadu and Nitmiluk.

Price: from 2,359 dollars and up to 4-day adventure.

Glacial Express through Switzerland

It is a perfect day stroll, that includes an 8-hour ride through the Swiss Alps, followed by panoramic views of the surroundings. On this trip we would have seen amazing castles, charming villages and landscapes that will take away your breath.

Price: from US $ 183 (plus $ 33 for reservation) and up to 1 day.

Rocky Mountaineer across Canada

5 amazing routes include a trip from Vancouver to Whistler, from Banff to Jasper and then over large areas of the Great White North.  You can choose between the shorter route, from only 2 days and a longer, 11-day adventure. Regardless of your decision, you will have enough time to stretch out your legs,  because at night you will sleep in a hotels.

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Price: from 1,295 dollars and up to 2 days.

The Venice Simplon Orient Express from Paris

This train starts only once a year and ensures a romantic experience in Paris, Budapest and Bucharest to Istanbul over 6 days. Among the delicious meals, endless champagne and live music, you will easily lose sense of time while you watch the incredible scenery on the other side of your window.

Price: from 9.180 dollars and up to 6 days.

Eastern and Oriental Express from Bangkok

From Bangkok to Singapore, you will be transported through quick towns and peaceful villages. You have the opportunity to observe the incredible scenery from your private cabin, or enjoy of outside Observatory of the train. In the middle of the 4-day trip, you will have the opportunity to floating under the infamous bridge over the River Kwai.

Price: from 2,690 dollars and up to 4 days.

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