Most Beautiful French Medieval Towns

Reasons for visiting France are numerous. The art, the culture, the love, and the lights are all reasons enough. The food and the wine are also very appealing. When you think about it, it is enough to sit in one of the charming cafes and simply listen to the people speak the beautiful French language. However, if you want to have a theme for your visit, think about visiting Medieval towns. Their charm will sweep you off your feet. Here are the most famous ones.


This town has been a fort even before the Roman period. However, today, it is a wonderful citadel with 53 watchtowers. This old part of the town is wonderful to visit. You can explore it by walking the snaking streets of this charming place that found its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List. While you are there, go to a restaurant and try a cassoulet. It is mostly duck with sausages and beans.

Rochefort en Terre

When you observe this little town, and its architecture, you can see that the stone is what brings all those styles together. Those Renaissance hotels, houses with timber, Gothic buildings and modern history houses – they all have the stone. There is a castle in the middle and the old town around it – just like a fairytale.


A lot of people remember Gordes by the lavender fields nearby. Those are the fields of the Sénanque Abbey and they are really memorable. Besides those fields and the castle that is above this small town, the Mediterranean climate is another blessing that makes it lovely.


The rich history of Avignon is what makes it a perfect destination for a cruise in France. There is proof that the territory of Avignon was inhabited during the stone ages. However, the importance of this city grew with the building of bridge over Rhone. Only two more bridges connected Mediterranean and Lyon. The long tales of the papacy period of Avignon are more interesting to hear with a glass of local wine and a taste of ratatouille.

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The church and the fountains, the flowers and the half-timber houses – all these are a part of charm that Eguisheim boasts. It is so well decorated by the potted flowers that this town got awards for its floral decorations. The best way about this city is to visit the winegrowers’ houses, today turned into wineries. The architecture is amazing and you will be able to taste the samples of wonderful wines. The safest bet is to go in circle via Rue du Rempart that surrounds the entire old city and go from there.


Those remarkable and colorful facades can be observed from a boat that sails through the charming canals of Colmar. This small town looks like something that a cheerful child drew. However, there is nothing childish about the wonderful Muscat wine from this town or the world-famous pastry. Do not leave until you try Kugelhopf.


This cute town of Alsace boasts the wonderful church Eglise Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, as well as the beautiful Jewish synagogue. It still has those strong medieval walls to show for, as well as the gated towers. Once inside those gates, make sure you are very hungry and order Bäckeoffe. You will get a dish best served with Riesling or Pinot Blanc because they are already in the dish. Also, there are all sorts of meat in it: beef, pork and lamb, as well as potatoes.

You will find wonderful monuments from the Medieval times in each and every one of these cities. They all have the old part of the town with the gorgeous facades and the Medieval churches. However, it is always nice to try something that definitely connects the old and the modern times – the local food, wine and people. They will tell the best and the truest story about a place.

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