Bathroom Trends for 2021

Every remodelling project starts with a bit of inspiration. Maybe you’ve always wanted marble fixtures or a spa-style shower. Or perhaps you’ve noticed some of these five signs that your bathroom is in need of remodelling. Whether it is due for a renovation or you’re trying to make a bit of a statement this year, we’ve rounded up the top bathroom design trends of 2021 to get you inspired.


For a luxurious feel, simplicity is key. Minimalism is a trend that underlies Japanese and Scandinavian designs. Bathrooms retain their functional nature while featuring natural materials more prominently. This includes wooden floors and plenty of textures while keeping colors to a minimum. One of the key differences with minimalist bathrooms is that they’re free from clutter. This makes them a great idea for small bathrooms without having to compromise on style.

Black fixtures

Matte black faucets are all the rage in 2021. Black fixtures aren’t exactly a new trend, but they’re still a big one this year. Compared to brass and chrome finishes, black has a bit of an edge and really spices up the traditional bathroom. They’re modern but luxurious and pair well with almost all interior styles.

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Colored basins

For a long time, white was the go-to for basins. But what could be more exciting than washing your hands in a pink basin? Big in the 1970s, colorful baths and basins are back! And they’re real eye-catchers. They come in all shapes and sizes and make for a great statement piece in your bathroom. From blue to green to pink – your bathroom, your choice! Colored baths work best against more minimalist wallpaper and tile designs as otherwise they could quickly feel like they’re overpowering the space.

Customised experiences

This is a year for pampering yourself. It’s time to upgrade that bathroom to help you unwind and relax. Your new self-care regimen may call out for shower rain heads or the best smart bathroom technologies of 2021. Maybe you’re after a shower thermostat or upgrading to underfloor heating. Whatever you desire, it’s time to treat yourself to it.


Another big bathroom remodelling trend is metallics. Brass, bronze, or silver – metallic fixtures are timeless and rarely lose their appeal. They can stand out in a modern bathroom design or blend in perfectly in a more traditional setting. You can pair metal fixtures with metallic picture frames and brushed metal lampshades. For a more industrial design, try bronze walls or room dividers.

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