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Bathroom Renovation Trends 2020 – What’s In and What’s out

Remodeling your home or office is a daunting task. You need to go through a lot of planning, no matter what level of appeal you are planning for. Especially when it comes to bathroom remodeling, you do need to make an outstanding appeal.

Over the years, we’ve seen several bathroom designs and trends that have left their mark on the market of remodeling. However, with the ease of designing with the latest technology, and the advent of latest technology, numerous exciting and appealing bathroom remodeling designs are under focus for 2020.

Here’s a list of some of the bathroom renovation trends for 2020 that will bring an insight on which of the ideas are currently being focused upon and what have been forgotten:

In: Biophilic Designs

Probably good news for the lovers of plants and natural aesthetics, biophilic designs are becoming the center of focus for bathroom renovations in 2020. This touch of nature brings an appealing contrast of nature with artificial aesthetics.

Photo by KCreative Interiors

From mesmerizing design to the calmness and serenity created with green additions is something to definitely keep an eye on, especially when one wants to create an outstanding yet soothing tone for their bathroom.

Out: Grey on Grey Interiors

With the popularity of vibrant colors once again, just as we are seeing the contrast of brass and white being added again, the use of grey for the interiors of the bathroom is being minimized. Now, people are focusing on having experiments with different color hues, wallpapers, and colored installations that have become a trend for bathroom renovations.

Photo by Omega Construction and Design, Inc.

Apart from this, black is being preferred as the “new grey,” with people, who still want a closed environment, opting for darker colors such as black for their renovations, especially for bathrooms.

In: Technological Additions

As highlighted earlier, the advent of technology has not only helped improve the design ability but has also given a chance to improve the appeal of bathrooms. High-tech upgraded toilets, temperature control systems, mini-fridges, automatic sinks, smart showers, etc. are some of the innovations that have taken the market.

Photo by R.E. Robinson Remodeling & Custom Builder, LLC

Bigger conglomerates and hotels have implemented the upgrades for their bathrooms, giving a compelling effect to the visitors and residents. It’s time to upgrade yours!

Out: Open Shelving

Some of us have also seen this trend in the 2010s, where, to increase the appeal as well as the ease of placing and using bathroom accessories, open shelving was considered a valuable option. However, with the advancement in the designing ability, open shelving is now being reduced.

In addition to it, console-style vanities and hanging vanities are in the market that are making quite the noise. The diverse range of styling options makes the options way more interesting and appealing than opens shelves.

Photo by Beth Kooby Design

Moreover, open shelves are way more useful for kitchens, where one would need quick access to the items. However, for bathroom renovations, hanging cabinets or console-like vanities are more suitable now.

In: Vintage Comeback

For those that are not familiar, a vintage comeback for bathroom designs is focusing on the combinations of brass and gold with whites that were used way before fashion interventions. The design and combination is popular for toilets, faucets, bathtubs, etc.

Photo by Milosz Kijowski

The dimensions can go as needed, and one can have different tones, considering the warmth of the combination they want. On the other hand, one needs to have well-polished and modern installations that will bring out the stunning appeal you want.

Out: Too Much Chrome

No matter how much gloss or chrome you add for your car, adding that for your bathroom might not be a good idea anymore. As highlighted, the trend of darker tones is now in for bathroom remodeling, and people are adopting darker complexions, creating a soothing sensation for themselves. In a nutshell, if you’re planning for a chromic bathroom, it might not be something to go for anymore.

Photo by JK Design

In: Wall Arts

Planning on amazing your guests with mesmerizing wall arts? Why not install it in your bathrooms? Sounds interesting eh? Yes, wall arts are a thing of today. Wall arts add sophistication to your walls, particularly when you have matte colors.

Photo by Mosby Building Arts

In addition, you can also choose to add large mirrors that will reflect an exquisite view of the overall bathroom. Apart from that, deco influences are also under focus that truly bring out the inventive and beautiful appeal for your washroom.

Out: Tile Motifs

Motifs were a thing back then, but not now. People are focusing more on matte tiles and concrete additions. Motifs bring out an extraordinary appeal that is instantly eye-catching, yet too vibrant. However, for those that are into plain dark shades, motifs are not the best recommended by any bathroom remodeling company. In addition, shaped tiles are the thing that you can opt for.

Photo by Rustico Tile and Stone

In: Open Showers

Saving up bathroom spaces, open showers are trending as one of the most mesmerizing additions for bathroom renovations. From tubs to showers, you can add the design of your desire. Even the addition of a skylight, and hanging shower can be considered.

Photo by Andy Marshall (Architectural Photography)

Out: Wood Imitation Tiles

Though they look pretty if you choose good looking imitations, overdoing such tiles will definitely ruin the fantastic, modern look of your bathroom. Consider going for block tiles of plain colors that bring out a glorious finesse for your entire renovation, and gives a walk to a heavenly atmosphere, direly needed after a tiring day.

Photo by Raptor Construction LLC.

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