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Bathroom Renovation Pros & Cons

Renovations of all sorts are a tedious and time-consuming process; with so many options to pick from – you are often left confused. If we are discussing bathroom renovation, the level of difficulty is surprisingly higher. Every homeowner wants a bathroom that is practical, comfortable, and luxurious to an extent. If you were under the impression that bathroom remodeling is a budget-friendly task to take on, you might want to read ahead.

Bathroom Renovation Pros and Cons

To make things easier, we will break down the renovation process into two parts; we will discuss some of the major positives of having it renovated and highlight the consequences on the contrary. The purpose of this post is to assist you in making the right choices.

Pros of Bathroom Renovation:

Increase in Value

Straight off the bat, once you are done remodeling your bathroom, the value of your home will increase substantially. When prospective purchasers visit your house, they will appreciate your bathroom’s modern and contemporary appearance compared to an outdated design. You can rest assured that the investment will result in a higher offer as no one dislikes newer plumbing and a luxurious bathroom.

Flexible Design According to Your Liking

The primary benefit of having your bathroom remodeled is that you can design it whichever way you want. Turn the space around from being worn out and tattered to a spick and span area where you have modern tiles and plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and faucets. In addition, we recommend you add storage space that helps fit in extra clothes and energy-saving features such as water-saving showers and low-flow toilets, which help you save additional costs in the long run.


The condition of the restroom can often be so bad that using it is even unsafe. This is particularly the case for tubs, which may require extensive fixes or perhaps replacements. Furthermore, aged pipes are a danger to both you and your entire building. A broken pipe can cause water damage, ruin precious objects and necessitate costly repairs and expenses.

Among the most significant issues that can develop due to a broken pipe is flood-damaged flooring. This is the reason why bathroom remodeling is essential – you can avoid such problems before they take place.

Bathroom Remodel Cons

It Is Costly

Renovation costs are never inexpensive, especially bathrooms. Based on the extent of the modification, the price might skyrocket in a couple of days. That’s why, before you start, you should create a budget for bathroom remodeling and acquire an approximation of what you need and how much it will cost.

The expense of tiling, mirrors, painting and plumbing are just a few factors to consider. If you aim to conduct a complete redesign, you’ll need to know how much toilets and sinks cost, as well as how much tub maintenance costs. Additionally, if there are outdated or broken pipes, the price might increase, necessitating more expensive remodeling.\


Irrespective of what you believe, the renovations timetable could be out of control. Minor or significant complications constantly arise, and the workforce isn’t always as prompt as you had intended. As a result, you must realize that although you may plan on doing the project in two weeks, it may take considerably longer.

Though transforming this into a DIY project may fix the problem, it is unlikely to yield the most remarkable outcomes. You can end up wasting more money and energy if you unfittingly take on the task. Professionals not only know what they’re doing, but they also commit all of their attention to getting the job done quickly.

Final Thoughts!

Renovation often results in expensive appliance installation, and there is always a risk of them being faulty which can result in added costs. Therefore, it is always helpful to have a home warranty that will help you tackle such scenarios.

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