Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that do not Cost you Thousands of Dollars

Have you ever noticed that the mere thought of going home, after a long day at work, has the power to recharge you instantly?

When you reach your doorstep, have you felt that your mind and body has already started to relax?

It is before you have even stepped foot into your humble abode that the thought of having made it to your “home sweet home” starts working its magic. If this is a phenomenon that you regularly experience and can readily relate to, then congratulations! You are one of the few lucky homeowners who have succeeded at making your living space your sanctuary!

A glass of excellent wine, an exciting book, and a good, long soak is all you need to fix a bad day

Notably, the thought of a nice warm bath after sitting in your office, slaving away at the computer for hours at a time, is one that is unusually refreshing to these lucky homeowners.

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As you wash away the dirt and sweat that accumulated on your skin during the day, you feel like you are also washing away your troubles and stress. All the life’s worries seem to be going into the drain with your bathwater.

But even the most prolonged and most luxurious baths are only as effective if the atmosphere is just as relaxing as well. If your bathroom has old paint peeling off of the walls, has no ventilation, and a broken down sink, you cannot expect any soak to make you forget your problems – no matter how many bubbles you add in your bath!

Perhaps this is the reason why people are willing to spend so much money to transform their bathrooms to rival a spa.

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Luxurious, serene bathrooms are all the rage this season, and even an average remodeling can cost between $12,500.

But what about those homeowners who do not have a secret fortune stashed away somewhere? Are they not worthy of a revitalizing and rejuvenating bath at the end of the day?

Of course, they are! That is why we have come up with these tips and tricks that can bring new life into your old bathroom and that too, without making any significant investments. Yes, bathroom remodeling can now be affordable and luxurious at the same time. So without further ado, here’s how.

Recycling will save the planet AND your pocket!

So, you have finally decided that it is time your bathroom gets the makeover it deserves. The first thing that you will start to worry about is what new sanitary equipment you will put in there. These bathroom fixtures are a significant reason why remodeling costs for a decent bathroom run so high.

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When you are on a tight budget, you do not have the luxury to choose the most trendy washbasins for your new bathroom. However, this limitation is not something that can hold you back from getting the bathroom of your dreams.

A smart solution to this problem is to salvage what you can from your old bathroom. If the basin or the commode of your old bathroom is new enough and fully functional – or can be made that way with a little bit of repair – there is no reason why you should go for a new one altogether. You can build your bathroom around what is already present in there and doing well. Moreover, if you feel that you are in dire need of bathtub replacement, choose the one that gels well with your budget. You don’t have to go for a deluxe bathtub.

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Another similar solution to the problem could be visiting a few second-hand stores and getting the desired fixture for a fraction of the real price. Recycling old bathroom products this way saves both – the planet and your pocket!

Selective splurging adds a hint of luxury and grandeur

Even though recycling old bathroom equipment works great to cut down the costs, sometimes it is okay to go all out and treat yourself. However, the secret here is to be extremely selective.

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Rather than spending equally on all aspects of remodeling a bathroom, save your money on the more indistinct and obscure products and splurge on an item that tends to stand out and move your eye towards itself. Practicing this rule for your bathroom renovation makes it look like you have spent a lot more than you have on the project.

Splurging on what is the most eye-catching thing in the entire setting is a super smart way to spruce up your bathroom inexpensively.

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Your bathroom floor is incontestably one of the most distinct features in the entire space. Making sure that it is of good quality and leaving the rest as it is can markedly improve the overall look of your bathroom – even though you have not invested as much into the project.

Use sweat equity to save on your renovation plan

Demolishing a bathroom and constructing a new one in its place is bound to require a substantial amount of money, no matter how many things you manage to recycle, reuse, or buy second hand. Hence, you need to cut down costs whenever and wherever it is possible.

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This includes taking an active part in the remodeling process if you have the required skillset. If you are good with a wrench and a hammer, go ahead and fix up your basin.

Paint your bathroom walls yourself if you have a creative streak. If you have experience working with electrical cables and wires, take care of the lighting on your own.

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However, we recommend that you only undertake these tasks if you are fully capable of carrying them out, without running the risk of injuring yourself or others. If you are not that great of a handyman, these complicated jobs are best left to professionals.

Create an illusion of a more luxurious bathroom with a large mirror

The next tip we have on the list here is the clever use of mirrors in a bathroom. Mirrors do not only have the potential to make any space appear much more prominent and brighter, but they also add a tinge of luxury and grandeur when used strategically. In modern times, using different shapes and sizes of mirrors to enhance a bathroom’s décor is quite a big thing with interior designers.

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Having a large mirror in your bathroom can make it look swanky and upscale. It also allows you to manipulate natural light to brighten up a dark and gloomy space – hence saving on your electricity bill.

The final word

Are you considering giving your restroom a cosmetic makeover?

Are you worried about the cost such treatments tend to occur? Then take some advice from us and make use of the above tips in your bathroom remodeling plan.

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You will be guaranteed to end up with a space that you will love, and all without having to sell an arm and a leg!

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