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The Basics of Drain Cleaning

Plumbing in general is not among the first top chores that people like dealing with. One of the most evident reasons is the fact that all the pipes and valves in the plumbing system are under water pressures. That puts off even those home enthusiasts who are craving for regular home maintenance. And then we have the overall feeling of discomfort when it comes to pipes and drain. All those layers of piled up dirt from soap, hair and toothpaste make a perfect composition of dirt, which is usually very resistant to removing, since people do not want to bother with that. So, it is important to prevent all these features from piling up at the throat of your drainage system.

Regular Physical Cleaning

The drain does not have to be cleaned with destructive chemical substances. Instead of pouring gallons of chemical cleaners (and your hard-earned dollars) down the drain, you have to work on prevention. The most normal thing is that drain and pipes get clogged, especially if you do not live on your own, but with your family.


The duty of every home owner is to clean the drain regularly with all available physical objects and use all the green methods for cleaning the drain. The method that most of us have at disposal is cleaning the drain with a plunger. This object can be very efficient if the pipe is still not too jammed with dirt. The pressure and force created by the plunger will push the dirt down the drain and unclog the pipe.

Filters and Everyday Care

In addition to the plunger, you should also install appropriate filters in the lavatory and the bath tub. A lot of dirt that goes down the drain originates from our bodies. Old skin cells, hair and all kinds of hairs from all parts of our bodies make a strong allied corpse for blocking your pipes.

Also, if there are men in your home, never allow them to do their shaving routine in the lavatory without a proper plastic basin or a strong filter. The pieces of cut beard can be extremely inconvenient in combination with soap and toothpaste remains. For other members of the household it is important that everybody checks before every shower or bath if the filters are appropriately fixed.

Organic and Green Cleaning

If it still happens that your drainage system gets clogged and water will not flow down it, you should some more complicated, but still simple drain uncloggers. The first group consists of items that can be found in every kitchen. According to a renowned Sydney-based drain cleaning service , the most efficient ones are vinegar, baking soda and washing soda combined with hot water.


Some people also add a bit of lemon acid if they do not have vinegar. Some manufactured products can also come in handy in the drain cleaning process. Those among the first on the list are enzyme and bacteria cleaners. They break the clogged areas in an efficient way and do not harm the environment.

Author Bio: Lillian Connors is a blogger and home improvement enthusiast keen on doing different DIY projects around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely collaborating with a number of businesses from all over the globe. You can check her out on G+, Facebook and Twitter.

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