Basic Ideas to Decorate Your Home in Contemporary Style

Everyone wants their humble abode at the end of the hectic day to relax and catch their piece of mind. Your home should tell the story of who you are and reflects what you love. Your home décor is all about how you feel where you live. Decorating your home is exciting as well as a challenging task. It’s not always about money, but with focusing on designing and planning, you can get the perfect décor for your modern home.

Decorating your home in a contemporary style is much more than just neutral colour palettes and minimalist décor. Today’s modern décor opts for the balance between clean lines and cosy tone. Here are some basic ideas to achieve a warm and contemporary look for your home.

Simple and Subtle

The first thought is to keep it simple. A contemporary style is defined by subtleness, sophistication, simplicity, deliberate use of clean lines and texture. Simple does not mean boring. Neutral palettes, clean lines can be anything but boring. Instead, this style is warm, inviting and completely trendy. Clutter in your home can lead to stress in your life so a simple décor will help you alleviate some of the stresses.

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Colour Scheme

Blacks, whites and neutral shades are mostly used in contemporary style interior. The black colour is generally used for defining and grounding purposes. The palette is toned with bold and bright colours that play against the neutrals. As the backdrop is painted neutral, you can choose vibrant and bold coloured accessories that will go well with it. If the walls and windows are coloured in pastels then the trims should be neutral. Similarly, if a wall is painted brightly, the neutral scheme should be used everywhere else.

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Clean Lines and Open Spaces

Whether, straight horizontal, vertical or curved, visible clean lines are an evident characteristic of the contemporary style home. The lines are found in bold colour blocks, bare windows, ceilings, architecture and wall art or sculptures. Moreover, the open spaces on the walls, between two pieces of furniture, and upper areas are as important as spaces filled with objects. However, in small homes having many open bare spaces may not be possible. In this case, you can create the appearance of open by using colour, fabrics, and furniture. Also, you can always have airy and light coloured window coverings creating an open feel in the home.

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Suitable Furniture

Opt for bold yet simple and uncluttered furniture pieces without any extra decorations and curves. Smooth, geometric shaped, upholstered furniture generally comes in black, white or neutral tones with natural fibres such as silk, jute, wool, linen, and cotton adding the textural appeal. Avoid using floral prints, extraordinary carvings, fringes and ruffles. Ditch cute and sweet, instead go for bold, bare, basic and structural look.

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Plants and Flowers

Add the element of nature in your home by adding large and dramatic live plants and flowers in plain containers. Large and extravagant arrangements look better than small and ordinary ones. However, keep the groupings neatly trimmed along with rocks or bark chips arranged in the pots to cover the soil surface. This natural touch not only gives essence to your home decor but also makes you feel good from within.

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Other Designing Elements

The use of stone, metal, clear or opaque glass goes well in a contemporary style room. Heavily textured fabrics in plain colours for window treatments, rugs or pillows give the space a soft and warm feel. Artwork frames in natural wood, metal finish or matte black give the authentic look. Don’t clutter your space with too many collections. Open spaces are the signature look of the contemporary style. Moreover, contemporary dinnerware will largely add to the essence of the home.

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Your Home Your Space

Add a little bit of character to your space. Your home reflects your personality, your likes, and dislikes. It is amazing how a simple splash of colour can add life to the other neutral palette. So don’t hesitate to explore various options with your interior design expert and make the space worth enjoying and sharing with your loved ones.

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