Backyard Kitchen: How to Organize It

Modern lifestyle is often closely related to urban environments and closed spaces. That is the reason many people are trying to escape in the natural environment whenever they can. However, there are much better ways to spend more time connected with nature aside from taking a walk. If you love cooking and find spending time outside rewarding, why wouldn’t you set up an outdoor kitchen in your back yard? The installation is easy, and you get to spend more time in fresh air and explore a completely new culinary experience.  

A Good Location is All Important

Start by finding a good spot. Of course the perfect scenario would be a lone cottage in the woods but unfortunately not everyone gets to live in a fantasy world, huh. Survey your backyard for a suitable location, the one that is away from the street and unwanted looks. A place where you can relax and enjoy cooking meals for your loved ones.


Build It Yourself…

When you have found the perfect spot, you should start building the kitchen. Sky is the limit, and there is a number of different ways and approaches, so let your creativity run wild. The best advice I can offer is to do it yourself. Make a list of materials you already have at your disposal, so you can cut the costs. One thing you definitely need is a suitable roofing. If you decided to make a kitchen under a large tree, you’ll need a sort of canopy or a lean-to. 

…or Simply Purchase It

In another scenario, and especially if you are not very skilled with hands, and still want to save money, you can always buy a container which is normally used for shipping goods and turn it into you dream kitchen. They are affordable and versatile. In this way you get a complete structure with the roof and walls, ad more importantly, your kitchen would be protected from the elements and unwanted guests. 

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The Kitchen Triangle

A good point of an outdoor kitchen is that you can organize it in every way you want. However, if you cook a lot you must be aware of the so called “kitchen triangle”, that is, the three most important elements of every kitchen. These are the sink, the cooktop and the refrigerator. If you are in the kitchen and not standing in the middle of this triangle, than your kitchen isn’t effective. Make sure you apply this rule when designing your backyard kitchen. 


Tailor It to Your Needs

The best advice I can give you is to keep things simple. A straight line kitchen is inexpensive and still very practical, as they are installed along the wall. This pattern is ideal for smaller spaces. On the other hand if you need more room, you can arrange the U-shape kitchen, which is perfect if you need to put many utilities besides the three mentioned before, like a dishwasher, a grill, a water filter, etc. The truth is, the design and the scope of your kitchen will depend on your budget.

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