Average Housing Cost By City In Canada

Throughout history, many people loved moving to Canada. The reason being, there are quite cheap housing alternatives, this is in comparison to the other countries. Though those were the times when the Canadian dollar was unsteady. In recent times, the Canadian economy has been gradually thriving and getting stable. This has led to its currency having more stability. Hence, those moving to Canada with the conventionally greater currencies may have less cash after changing them. This generally implies they have a diminished purchasing ability.

Canada’s house prices have been constantly growing beside its economy, unlike other countries where the prices have continued declining. As it is popularly known around the globe, properties closer to or in the city centers have a high value. This is compared to those situated in the countryside. Are you wondering what the average housing cost by City is in Canada? Stay tuned! This post will take you through everything you need to know.

What does it cost to buy and rent a house in Canada?

Paying for your mortgage and rent are probably the main things you will spend much of your income on.

Always consider looking at the housing market initially in regards to the cost of staying in Canada. You will figure it out soon. The place you choose to live in plays a crucial part as to the amount you will be spending on a place to stay. Over one-third of the Canadians stay in the three largest urban areas in the entire country. For instance, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

These bustling cities in the country fascinate the immigrants, foreign employees, and young professionals. This is through offering tons of job vacancies in various fields, educational opportunities, better infrastructure, and cultural diversity. There is also the highest cost of housing in Canada because of the endless demand for big town life. According to the economists’ projections, the prospective home prospects may get a breakthrough in 2021. The prices in Canada may decline by seven percent due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hence a family in need of purchasing a house In Toronto may pay less as compared to the previous year.

Will The House Prices Fall by  7 Percent In 2021?

Canada has many types of properties to rent for those riding individually, roommates or couples, and above all for families. They comprise plexes, either fourplex, triplex, or duplex, condo apartments, townhouses, detached and semi-detached houses. Some may have a balcony or a private lawn while others may share a wall with the neighbors or be stand-alone units.

Vancouver has the highest rates for rentals in the entire country. Though, cities have many advantages you get from those higher costs. You can visit this site for more information about the benefits of living in big cities. According to rentals.ca, 2021 rentals report a two-bedroom apartment costs an average of 2592 dollars every month. Edmonton, Alberta is the least costly major city. You will pay roughly 1247 dollars per month for a two-bedroom apartment. Utilities may or may not be incorporated in the rental contract. For instance, water, heat, electricity, and parking.

Average Housing Cost Per Month In Major Canadian Cities

Rank City Two-Bedroom Apartment Rent(Dollars ) One-Bedroom Apartment Rent(Dollars)
1 Vancouver, BC 2,592 1901
2 Toronto, ON 2403 1811
3 Calgary, AB 1468 1203
4 Mississauga, ON 2097 1779
5 Ottawa, ON 1981 1567
6 Montreal, QC 1889 1428
7 Hamilton, ON 2070 1462
8 Edmonton, AB 1247 1023

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How Costly Is Canada As Compared to The Other Nations?

Among the first things, you may have to consider in regards to your money matters is the exchange rate. That’s what the money from your country will sum up to in Canadian dollars. Also, how far it will get you.  Have in mind the type of fees you may pay for the conversion of your cash. This can be so pressing especially if you may be still receiving money in your home country’s currency. You will be dealing with currency exchanges now and then.

Unfortunately, most of the money exchange services and banks tend to increase the rate to boost their profits. They can retain conversion fees low through earning money on the rates. This process can trick you to think you are getting something good, though it is expensive. When you are converting your money, always make sure you check with a currency converter. This is to determine the current mid-market rate.

Is your budget dragging you?

There are many economical areas to rent out of the city centers though you may spend extra money and time on commuting to and from your workplace. The other alternative is to stay in a small city. Besides you can live in a neighborhood in a province like North Bay, Barrie, and Timmins in Ontario. There is a specific immigration section to captivate foreign employees to the less-known areas in Canada.  It is known as the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. You can spend at least 1000 dollars each month on a two-bedroom apartment in Northbay. This is a three hours ride from Toronto.

Cities With Affordable Homes In Canada (Less Than 350k Dollars)

Rank City Average Home Price (Dollars)
1 Winnipeg, Manitoba 330,015
2 Sudbury, ON 314,030
3 Quebec City, QC 308,345
4 Regina, Saskatchewan 300,640
5 Thunder Bay, ON 253,107
6 Saguenay, QC 209,984
7 Saint John, New Brunswick 209,702
8 Trois-Rivieres, QC 200,270

Interest Rates Versus The Mortgage Market

Are the mortgage interest rates falling in Canada?

  • On one-year mortgages, the Interest rates averaged 2.79 percent in January 2021, this is a decline as compared to 3.64 percent in January 2020.
  • On 3-year mortgages, the interest rates averaged 3.49 percent in January 2021, a reduction from 3.94 percent in January 2020.
  • On 5-year mortgages, interest rates averaged 4.79 percent in January 2021, a decrease from 5.19 percent in the past year.

The central bank maintained its fundamental rate intact at a record low of 0.25 percent in January 2021. This was after a cumulative basis of 150 points rate reduction in March 2020 during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

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