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Australian Cycling Tour: Most Beautiful Routes

As this year continues to keep many of us confined to our home countries, a lot of people are discovering the beauty of their homeland for the first time. After so many months inside, we want to get all the fresh air we can, and what better way to do so than to get on our bikes and head out? Enjoying time in nature costs you next to nothing and it’s a perfect way to stay away from the crowds while still enjoying some time off. Cycling allows you to explore landscapes you would not be able to see from your car, and it allows you to cover greater distances than on foot. Moreover, it is not only an amazing recreational activity the whole family can enjoy but it is also a great way to get physical exercise that will keep your body in top shape. If you live in Australia, you are in luck since biking trails abound in this vast country. Here are some of the best ones that are just waiting for you to explore them on two wheels.

Head to the north

Starting with Australia’s amazing Northern Territory, this part of the continent has some of the most uniquely beautiful sceneries, so if you have the chance, exploring some parts of it by bike would be a great experience. Fortunately, you can access a short and easy but well-loved cycling track called Simpsons Gap from Alice Springs, and explore the wilderness in the most authentic way possible. This 17-kilometer track that starts in Flynn’s Grave is off the road and will take you through the bushland that this area is so famous for. So, don’t rush to finish it fast. Take a few stops to marvel at the hills and creeks and you might see some wild animals as well.

The majestic Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is, without a doubt, one of the top destinations in the entire country, and it is a coveted item on many road trip bucket lists. However, have you thought about discovering this beautiful region on two wheels instead? Riding along the breathtaking coastline while marveling at the raging waves is an experience that is difficult to compare to anything. However, it cannot be denied that this road is quite lengthy – it stretches for over 250 kilometers along the coast. Therefore, this trip is recommended for more dedicated and experienced cyclists, as it is going to take you 4-5 days to complete this tour.

A rocky ride

You can still enjoy a great ride in nature even if you’d rather stay close to Sydney. The Royal National Park, located south of this metropolis, is a popular destination for day trips among Sydneysiders thanks to its proximity. Besides great picnic spots and famous landmarks such as the Wedding Cake Rock, this national park boasts the perfect terrain for mountain biking enthusiasts. First of all, for this terrain, you’re going to need a good mountain bike. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to this hobby or if you’re experienced, as there are a number of trails to choose from that vary in difficulty. Most of the tracks are easy, while those looking for a challenge can take the side trails to get their blood pumping.

Meet the quokkas

On the other side of the continent, just off the shore of Perth, you can explore a little island that is the most famous for its furry inhabitants. While quokka selfies are certainly a great souvenir of a weekend off, what Rottnest Island also has to offer is a perfect cycling track for all ages. You can rent a bike as you arrive on the island and you’re all set to explore some of the no less than 60 beaches that encircle this piece of land. The terrain is flat, and no private cars are allowed here, so it will be a laid-back ride that allows you to fully relax and enjoy the sights along the way. Stop whenever you see a lovely bay or a cute quokka.

A steep descent

Those who are up for a real challenge can check out Mount Buller in Victoria. A 3.5-hour drive from Melbourne, you can find a ski paradise that transforms into a perfect spot for mountain biking when the warm weather arrives – which has already happened this year. Experienced mountain bikers flock here to try the sensational Alpine Epic trail that poses challenges for over 40 kilometers. Needless to say, you will need quality gear, but the epic heights and the fantastic views make it really worth it. Even if you’re not ready for this track yet, keep it on your bucket list.

A beach paradise

Those dreaming of a more tropical atmosphere might want to head to the Sunshine State, Queensland instead. You can combine a beach vacation with a cycling tour if you decide to visit Magnetic Island – a small piece of land just off the coast of Townsville. This quaint island has little traffic, which makes it a great choice for cyclists. There are a few trails you will be able to explore, some of which require some fitness, but along the way, you will see beautiful bays and beaches and can take a break when needed. While there, you can also take some time and explore the underwater world between your cycling sessions.

Relaxation in the south

Finally, there are many good reasons to visit Tasmania: it’s a national park paradise with some of the country’s best views, it’s untouched and makes you feel like you are at the edge of the world, and it has a unique fauna animal-lovers cannot resist. Having great cycling trails is yet another reason on the list. Once you explore Australia’s smallest state on two wheels, you will certainly want to come back. One of the trails that you should not skip if you get the chance to fly to this island is the one from Darlington to Haunted Bay. Located on Maria Island, this track is of moderate difficulty and stretches over 20 kilometers.

Summer is on its way in the Land Down Under and the months between October and May are nothing short of perfect for a cycling adventure. If your state allows it, get your bike and explore some of the nearby trails. You might just fall in love with this amazing recreational activity.

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