Asian-inspired Interior for Your Home

Asian-inspired interior, also called Oriental design, encompasses countries from the Far East. It is a fusion of myriad styles from the practice Feng Shui of China, the Zen-like feel from Japan, to the exotic Indian themes.

An authentic style that induces an environment of serenity. After the hustle and bustle of daily life it’s nice to come home to a peaceful abode that allows you to relax and enjoy the feeling of harmony in tranquil interior.

A Touch of Vivid Colors

Asian styles exude vivid, rich colors. Vibrant hues mixed with a neutral backdrop stands out in a calm setting. You need just one piece of thought-provoking wall hanger to give drama to the space and a hint of mystic charm.

Photo by Cambridge Construction LLC

Think about the lovely pinks of the Japanese cherry blossoms with shades of gray, tan or green. Chinese-themed design is more opulent with eye-catching reds, plush purple tones, and fascinating jade. Gold and silver for accent makes it trendy and contemporary too.

Bring Nature’s Goodness to the Indoor

Touch base with nature with potted floras and shrubbery. The verdant green and the lovely blossoms will bring life into your space, transform it to modern-day living, yet comfy.

Photo via Houzz

Use scented candles, sandalwood incense, and the wind chime to complete the perfect Asian vibe setting for you and your guests.

Texture in Furniture

Texture in furniture plays a vital part in Asian-inspired interior. Surfaces are flawless they are smooth and glossy from polishing, painting or lacquered. Exteriors are made more interesting by applying materials that includes bamboo, paper, silver or gold leaf.

Photo by Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling

Upholstery and carpets are not spared these are made from intricate products like silk, jute, and straw.

Sculptural Lighting

Sculptural shapes are integrated in today’s lighting system which adds beauty to your Asian motif. The designs are functional and a work of art at the same time. Choose between the grandiose ceiling lamps, the exquisite table lamps, and the bubbly floor lamps.

Photo by Space Atelier Pte Ltd

Sleek, minimal, and abstract you can place this anywhere in the house and make the space interesting.

Go Organic

Asian designs appeal to the eco-friendly homeowners. Connect with nature by using river rocks in your landscape, bamboo blinds instead of curtains, tatami mats replacing carpets, and potted plants and shrubs to bring in the fragrance of the outdoors.

Photo by 株式会社鹿田産業

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A Cool Water Feature

Water is the symbol of equilibrium, a very common feature in Asian style homes as a sign of tranquility. The sound of streaming water is soothing it can be an incredible addition to the living area, entrance room or the garden. Aside from the fluidity that water features bring it can serve as a stunning focal point of the space.

Photo by David Ling Architect


Clean straight lines; minimal adornments, furniture, fixtures; and smooth balance are the natural characteristics Asian design inspired by the Japanese. Keep only the things that you love and brings joy.

Photo by HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles

There is no room for clutter a few furniture and color changes will do.

Limited Oriental Change

If your home has the neutral colors of an Asian theme all you need is some simple decoration change. Consider some additions that include a Buddha statue, oriental umbrellas, decorative fans, jade figurines, and scroll paintings.

Photo by El Dot Designs

Don’t Forget Circles

A circle motif is an integral element of Oriental design. It can be found in the Japanese flag and represent the sun as it is called the land of the rising sun. Consider circles in your cabinetry’s faces, in doorways or as wall hangers.

Photo by LS3P Living

Ensō – zen circle, is a Japanese word meaning circle. This denotes total enlightenment, the fullness of the spirit, the void.

Contractors for Your Asia-inspired Home Design

If you think about it, transforming your home into an Asian-inspired theme is not that difficult and will save your bucks if you DIY. Some painting on the wall, a little carpentry work here, and adjustments on the electrical connections on that side will turn your aspiration into fruition.

Every activity looks simple and easy. What happens afterward? You ask a leave from the office for aches and pains in your body or you have to go to the hospital because of an accident. More materials were consumed from wrong paint application and defective carpentry work. Also, include the damage you’ve done to your structure.

Photo by Webb & Brown-Neaves

You can avoid these problems by hiring the service of home remodeling contractors. They will assist you with the details of your project and complete this without hurting your pocket. Focus on what you can do such as buying ornaments or planning the arrangement for you new Asian-inspired interior home.

The same holds true for your water feature. Let the professionals install the pipes for your water flow, construct the design that you want and avoid any damage.

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