Areas to Focus on When Remodeling Your Home’s Exterior

Taking on a home renovation project brings a lot of tough decisions. Which parts of the exterior will you upgrade, and which ones will you skip? When you decide to remodel your home’s exterior, you should prioritize the steps that will provide the most return on your renovation dollar. Think about how each aspect of the job will pay you back in increased resale value, improved energy efficiency, or just your own enjoyment of how the house looks after the job is done.

Outdoor Spaces

As much emphasis as we put on the living areas inside our homes, it can be easy to forget how valuable the outside areas can be. If your home was built with basic, functional porches and sidewalks, this can be an area where you make some big strides forward in your home’s appearance, value, and character. As part of your renovation, consider talking to a deck builder about creating a versatile area for cooking, entertaining, and socializing. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular as appliances and electronics become more durable to the outside elements, so it’s definitely worth thinking about what fun things you can see yourself doing outside in the fresh air.

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Plants are one feature that can pay for themselves in more than one way. Resale value is always boosted by mature landscaping because full-size trees and shrubs don’t happen overnight. Buyers love not having to wait for trees to reach their full size. Landscaping also provides energy savings by shading the home from the summer’s intense heat and by breaking up temperate winds. On top of all that, a home just looks better with good landscaping, even new plantings. Landscaping always benefits home value, beauty, and cost.

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Insulating Features

This is a big category that can have a big impact on your renovation investment. Under this big umbrella, you’ll find everything from siding and shingles to windows and doors. All of those items and many more have insulating as well as aesthetic value for your home. In other words, they make your home more beautiful as well as more affordable. Research the insulating power (measured with R-values) of the products you are buying when you upgrade these components so that you can save energy for yourself and for future owners.


Home remodeling projects aren’t just for looks, but they aren’t just for value either. A great remodel on your home’s exterior will definitely make it look better, but it will also boost your financial position in both the short term and the long term. With a well-planned project, you can cut energy costs, improve value, and make the home uniquely yours.

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