Are Treats Good For Your Dog’s Dental Health?

If you’re a dog owner, you certainly know and understand why it’s essential to keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy as much as possible. This is one reason why a variety of pet dental treats is available on the market. However, if you’re new to this dog stuff, you may be wondering if it’s really good for your furry friend or not.

But if you consider giving treats to your dog, keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know and how it can become good for their dental health.

What Are Dental Treats For Dogs?

Typically, dental treats for dogs aren’t just a delicious snack for your pet, but they can also be used for several reasons. They can be given as a reward for good behavior and a supplement to your dog’s daily meal. However, the most important benefit of these treats is that they can help keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthier and stronger.

Moreover, dental dog treats are available in different varieties, which make them a great snack for your furry friend to enjoy. For instance, most small treats can be consumed quickly and easily, while the chews need more time to be completely eaten.

If you want to know which one is the right one for your dog, the following are the different types of dog treats to consider from the get-go:

  • Rawhide Chews – Usually comes in various sizes and shapes, rawhide chews, which are made from the hides of cows and horses, can reduce the formation of plaque and tartar inside your dog’s mouth.
  • Dental Chews – These are the chewy versions of most dog treats. Just like the rawhide chews, they can also be used to enhance your pet’s overall dental health.
  • Dog Dental Diets – These are another type of dog treats that are made into a bigger texture, creating a scrubbing action. Also, other forms of these products come with a special coating that can discourage the formation of plaque and tartar, helping prevent bacteria.

As you can see, there are different types of dental dog treats to choose from, including the Himalayan dog chews Canada or wherever you may be. Thus, to ensure you pick the appropriate one, find time to research different products.

How Can Dental Treats Benefit Your Dog’s Dental Health?

Now that you’re aware of what dog treats are, it’s time to know how they can benefit your dog’s health. Realistically speaking, pets like dogs may also suffer from gum diseases, which can lead to broken or lost teeth and even a loss of appetite This is where the use of dental treats for dogs comes to the rescue.

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Thus, if you’re asking whether treats are good for your pet’s health, the answer is absolutely yes. Below are the benefits of these dog snacks to your dog’s dental health:

Remove Bad Breath

Generally, dental chews are one of the most popular forms of treats for dogs. They’re specially-formulated dental treats that can help eliminate your pet’s bad breath. When you give dental treats, you can take advantage of breath fresheners along with the chewing power that has the ability to reduce odors inside their mouth.

Hence, if your dog has a strong, bad breath, it can be a sign that they’re suffering from a particular gastrointestinal problem. To make sure this health issue doesn’t lead to a possible heart disease, giving your dog some yummy dental treats can be an excellent idea. Moreover, if you’re not sure about giving them treats, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to know if your pet needs additional supplementation for dental and other health reasons.

Improve Gum And Teeth Health

Similar to humans, dogs can also deal with plaque problems. Fortunately, dental treats, specifically the chews, are there to help improve your pet’s overall gum and teeth health.

Aside from reducing the tartar and plaque buildup, the following are some ways your dog can benefit from pet dental treats:

  • Satisfy your pet’s natural desire to chew and enjoy their food
  • Help provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom, which can trigger your dog’s bad behavior
  • Help encourage your pet to chew something they like
  • Make use of special enzymes that can help fight bacteria that cause tooth decay
  • Can be used to rub against your dog’s teeth, loosening any food debris. It’ll also serve as a toothbrush
  • Help stimulate saliva production that can help fight and neutralize the tooth-decaying plaque acids and other dental issues that are common to cats and dogs.

Bottom Line

If you’re skeptical about how these dental treats for dogs work, the information mentioned above shows that these snacks in between your pet’s meals can enhance their overall oral health. So, if you’re giving your furry friend a treat, it should be something that doesn’t only taste great but also one that benefits their health.

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