Architecture and interior design in Kuwait

Unless you’ve lived in Kuwait for several years, imagining a standard home here can be a little tricky. Does it look like a modern home with state of the art smart home tech? Or, is it more akin to traditional Muslim homes? Now try to add to that the complexities of interior design in Kuwait, and you’ll soon see that an average Westerner doesn’t know much about the lifestyle here. Well, that is where we are going to help you, by giving you a comprehensive guide on architecture in Kuwait and modern home design.

A thing or two about Kuwait architecture

To fully understand home and interior design in Kuwait, we first need to take a look at its architecture. It is worth noting that even though Kuwait was founded in the 18th century, its people still value traditional design. This is mostly due to their strong religious heritage, monuments of which you can see throughout the city. Once the oil was discovered, Kuwait became much stronger in economy and trade. This increase brought with it a change of culture and helped Kuwait become much more western-oriented and modern. This combination brought us some of the most amazing and strange buildings in the modern world.

There are plenty of buildings in Kuwait that will make your jaw drop.

So, what can we learn about architecture from this brief history of Kuwait? Well, the best way to describe Kuwait’s architecture is as a combination of modern buildings and traditional Muslim styles. Certain parts of Kuwait will seem like Manhattan (apart from the sun and the sand), while others have a much stronger traditional look to them. All in all, Kuwait has a lot to offer, which is why we are sure that you can find a great home here.

Interior design in Kuwait

Whether you’ve lived here for years or are considering finding a new home and settling in Kuwait, you should have the freedom to arrange it as you see fit. After all, this your home. And, as plenty of research tells us, your environment will play a big role in how you feel and how well you operate.

So, how should you organize your home? Well, as it is with most things in life, there is no one best answer. Every person has different tastes and a different budget. Therefore, with this in mind, we are going to take a look at trends that are currently most popular in Kuwait. With luck, some of them should at least tickle your interest and give you an idea of how to decorate.

Top trends in 2020

Most of the trends that are currently popular in Kuwait try to make use of the local real estate situation and climate. By keeping this in mind, you will easily understand why these trends are popular, and how, if you are smart, should you orient your interior design.

Efficient storage

As it is with most large cities, living in Kuwait City can be quite expensive. Therefore, most of its residents live in smaller apartments with not much storage space. However, homeowners have gotten imaginative, which is why you will find a ton of creative storage solutions in a Kuwait home. Hidden drawers, closets under staircases, overhead shelves… The solutions for storage problems in Kuwait are endless. So, if you are going to live in a small apartment in Kuwait, no need to worry.

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Use of colors

It doesn’t make much experience in interior design to know that colors play a big role in how we perceive the space around us. Cold colors give us a feeling of openness and freshness, while warmer colors radiate coziness and hospitality. Knowing this will help you understand why the people of Kuwait choose to have quite colorful rooms. And, why they choose to decorate their homes in a surprisingly uplifting style. Traditionally, you would mostly use white, cream, or yellow colors for your hallways and living rooms.

If you can coordinate the colors of your walls with your furniture, you will surely achieve one of the highest trends in interior design in Kuwait.

This is because the people of Kuwait associate them with prestige and opulence. But, if you are up for a more modern look, there are no limits to what you can use and combine. Our advice is to carefully study the psychology behind colors. After all, more and more people in Kuwait are becoming aware of how important they are. Therefore, they will be able to appreciate the thought that you put behind your selection of colors.

Smart homes

One of the latest trends in interior design in Kuwait are smart homes. Once you consider how much solar energy there is in Kuwait, and how energy inefficient their homes can be, you will easily puzzle together why this trend is so popular. We would advise you to always get the best insulation possible, as keeping your home cool can be costly. To further save your money, we suggest that you invest in a smart cooling system. Harvesting solar energy is always a good idea in Kuwait, as your investment is bound to pay off quite fast.

Keeping the temperature of your home in check can be quite a task in Kuwait.

If you plan on using smart technologies for interior design, you can opt for certain technologies that are currently popular. Among them we recommend:

  • Automated vacuum cleaners (for instance Roomba)
  • Wireless control and monitoring of your smart home via phone
  • Light and shades control

These elements are the necessary details to make your home look that much more modern.

How to redecorate your Kuwait home

So, let’s say that you’ve found one of our ideas interesting and that you want to redo the interior design in your Kuwait home. How should you go about it? Well, the first thing to do is to declutter. We would advise you to find the right professionals to work with, both for decluttering and for redecorating. With the help of, people are moving to and from Kuwait constantly, which means that there is a constant need for home renovation. This is one of the reasons why there are plenty of top-notch interior designers in Kuwait.

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