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Architectural Details to Incorporate When Building Your New Home

When you’re building your new home, it can be helpful to know that seemingly small details matter. For instance, if you’ve ever walked into someone else’s home and admired a little detail such as a design on a wall, you can begin to understand. So when you’re ready to build your new home, consider incorporating one or more of these architectural details into your design plan.

Window Seat

Adding a window seat can help create character where architectural details may be lacking. Not only can this enhance the appeal of a room, but it can be a nice place for anyone to read a book and relax. You can install shelving on each side to display books or artistic objects.

Photo by Sutro Architects

Ceiling Medallion

Having a pendant or chandelier around the house can give you the perfect opportunity to add a ceiling medallion. This feature can be an easy way to make your lighting more distinctive and create a stunning effect. Ceiling medallions are artistic, elegant, and eye-catching.

Photo by Todd Davis Architecture

Picture Framing

If you’d like to emphasize the beauty of artwork on your walls, try picture molding. You can add decorative molding to a wide-open wall space and apply thin strips. You can even paint the frame’s interior a unique color. Then hang your artwork inside. Further, if you’d rather not do it yourself, consider hiring a professional who specializes in custom residential architecture.

Photo by Collins DuPont Design Group

Wood Beams

Wood beams can look beautiful in a room with extra vertical height. They can make a room appear cozier even if it has a tall ceiling. Wood beams can look especially stylish and natural in a neutral kitchen.

Photo by Michelle Tumlin Design

Decorative Interior Doors

One thing many people tend to ignore when building a stylish home is doors. One reason can be that doors are often for practical use. All it takes is adding a cozy sliding barn door to get people talking about your home.

Photo by HomeStory Doors & More – Lexington, KY

Built-In Storage

If you have a blank space, you can make it into a built-in storage space. In fact, built-in storage can be a smart way to improve organization and increase space. Some ideas include a fireplace niche, mudroom bench, or a homework alcove, among others.

Photo by Magleby Construction

In drawing to a close, architectural details can make an impact on anyone who views your home. Indeed, the right details can put someone in a better mood each day. The way your home looks matters because this is where you and your family will be spending quality time.

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