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Apartment Cleaning Tips While in College

We all know the stress of preparing exams. While college may be a wonderful time of your life, it’s also quite stressful. Midterms or finals are already difficult to deal with, more so when the dishes start to pile up.

A dirty apartment can make you even more stressed, especially if you’re looking for something that you can’t find. It’s difficult enough to prepare exams even without having to search for papers and books under piles of clothes.

What can you do? Max of Clean That Floor suggests a few methods and tips to help you keep your apartment clean during these weeks. While this doesn’t include scrubbing the toilet, it does mention a few useful tricks you can implement today.

Wash the dishes

You’re studying before, during, and after lunch? If so, you probably just throw the dirty plate in the sink and go back to your book, right? While this might seem like the right way, you’re not doing yourself any favor. Actually, you’re doing the contrary by piling up dishes you’ll have to wash sooner than later. Plus, the mess will stress you out for sure.

It’s suggested you try a different approach. Wash your plates and cups the moment you’re done using them. The process probably won’t take longer than five minutes, which you can definitely spare, especially if you’ve been studying for hours already. Not only the five-minute break will do you good, but there won’t be any dishes piled up and stressing you out.

Hang the clothes back up

We’ve all been there: three different outfits didn’t work, and you’re already running out of time. You don’t have any time to put the clothes back, so it starts to pile on your couch, bed, and even floor. However, much like with dirty dishes, it takes only a minute to hang that jacket back in the closet. Taking the extra minute won’t change the situation much if you’re already late or about to be so.

You want to try and prevent the mess from piling up since all the clothes on your floor will eventually require your attention. This, on the other hand, will take you longer than a minute.

A good trick to avoid the mess altogether is to plan outfits. You don’t actually have to try each item, but think about it when you go to sleep. Think about the clothes you have and picture a good combo, so you can just put it on when you wake up. A capsule wardrobe is also quite helpful. You’d own a few items that are all quite similar, so you don’t have to bother with planning and trying on outfits anymore.

Use cleaning wipes

Cleaning wipes are vital to keeping your apartment neat and clean. They work for nearly all smooth surfaces and are ideal to use when you don’t have as much time. Use them to clean your desk, table, nightstand, kitchen counters, bathroom sink, and other such areas. Doing this for five minutes every day makes a huge difference in how your apartment will look after the finals.

Take some time to clean

We know that it already feels like you’re behind on studying. However, we’re sure that you can always take five to ten minutes a day to give your room a quick clean. A messy room will make you even more stressed and anxious, while a clean one will make you relaxed and feeling refreshed. Plus, ten minutes in your 15-hour studying session won’t make much of a difference.

Not only this method will help you maintain the apartment clean, but it will help you focus as well. A nice five-minute break will do you well, especially if you take the time to wipe counters or rinse some plates.

Take the trash out

Tie your trash bag and leave it next to the door, so you can take it out the next time you’re leaving the apartment. This is a time-saving method that many people forget about. You’re already going out, so why not bring the trash? You won’t have to make an additional trip to take the bag out in a day or two when the bin is already overflowing.

Buy some organizers

Trying to find your lipstick in a pile of clothes, papers and other items is nearly impossible. So, you should consider getting some containers and organizes. You can get some for your desk, socks, lipsticks, pens, and whatever else. This helps keep things neatly organized so that you don’t have to spend time looking for stuff when you should be leaving already.

However, this can only work if you dedicate to putting things back in their place. If you took a lipstick out of the organizer, make sure to put it back, or you’ll lose it.

Invest in a robot vacuum

It might seem like an expensive trick, but luckily, some of the best robot vacuums on the market are quite affordable. A robot vacuum makes all the difference since it requires minimal assistance from you. You can schedule when the unit would start and finish, so you don’t even have to be at home. For this reason, the money you invest would be worth it since you’d have more time to study, relax or do things you like.

It’s a great way of keeping your floors clean and fresh without putting in the time and effort. Plus, most robots return to their docking station when their batteries require recharging. This way, your vacuum can do the job while you’re away, attending a class, or taking your exams. By the time you return, the floors are clean and refreshed, leaving you with extra time on your hands.

Still, make sure there are no piles of clothes on the floor since a robot might struggle to clean around them. Items like pens, lipsticks, and big chunks of paper are also obstacles you want to get rid of before turning on your robot.

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