Antiquated Aesthetics – Overturning Your Home For Better Living

Every now and then we need a change, a fresh start, and great way of breathing new life into yourself is to update your home. Everyone needs a change of style now and again and your home shouldn’t be any different. Here is a room by room guide of small adjustments you can make to your home to make it feel fresh and lively.

The Boudoir

In the bedroom, it’s easy to make everything look completely different with just a few small touches.

A lick of paint or some fresh wallpaper can modernize a room in just a day. Add in some simple furniture rearranging and a few small purchases and you won’t even recognize the place.

Give your Koala queen mattress some fresh sheets and a new throw rug to spruce up the bed itself, sprinkle some other small touches such as new curtains or artwork, change the lighting around and you may as well have a new room!

Lounge Room

Whilst many modern homes are favoring tiles and floorboards over carpet, I think the living room can be a good exception. There aren’t many things that feel as luxurious as new carpet and it can completely change the feeling of a space. Carpet makes a room feel cozy, warm and will help muffle echoes and footsteps and in my opinion that is perfect for the lounge room.

The furniture in your lounge shouldn’t be too big as it will just make the space look much smaller. For a modern look store away all of the clutter, choose a neutral colour pallet and add pops of colour with cushions and art work, mount the television on the wall and go for shutters or blinds instead of big heavy curtains.

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Kitchen/ Dining Room

Nothing refreshes a kitchen life fresh appliances and a really good clean. If your kitchen is feeling drab and out of date you can do plenty of things to make it feel refreshed. Sometimes just giving my kitchen a really good clean makes it feel brand new again, as the chrome sparkles and everything smells good. If that doesn’t do the trick you can paint your cupboards, or replace the out of date appliances.

A new microwave, oven, kettle and toaster can make the room feel like a million bucks!

In the dining room, you can do as little as buy a few fresh table cloths and some flowers, or you can go as far as purchasing a new dining setting or having your old furniture restored. New cutlery and dishes can also make settings much more classy.


Unless you plan on re-tiling your bathroom, there isn’t much you can change in this space.

The key to styling a bathroom well is being very restrained and choosing a few choice items to improve the space. As this is generally the smallest room in the house, it is very important to utilise clever storage options. Woven baskets and glass jars are a pretty way of adding extra storage to the bathroom. Pick towels that complement the colour scheme and, for a feature, install a beautiful mirror and scatter a couple of houseplants to add interest and colour.

The best thing about these tips is that you will only really need a day to tackle each room, so you can potentially have a whole newly updated home in around a week. The beauty is that no matter what kind of budget you are working with, as long as you use some elbow grease, you will have beautiful results!

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