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Amazing things to do in California

If you are planning to visit California and you are looking for the hilarious places to explore, below is a list of the must-visit and must-see sites in the lonely planet.


Yosemite National Park can tend to get over crowded but that should not prevent you from exploring the renowned California site you can choose to go early, target favouring less trafficked valleys of visit the site during mid-week. Apart from Yosemite being a great valley, it is also a shrine to foresight. Remember to carry your camera with you to capture the ancient gigantic sequoias.


Aquarium of the pacific

This marvellous aquarium is next to the attractive long beach harbour. It has compelling floor to ceiling tanks that are filed with aquatic life. In addition, it has other cool features such as a transparent tunnel like passage that allows you to walk through a vessel of spiralling rays and sharks. You can make the tour even more fascinating by helping to feed the fish. There are some tour guides companies you can sign up with that can help add to the experience of whale watching expedition.


Golden Gate Bridge

You cannot afford to leave San Francisco without viewing the famous golden gate bridge. This is actually the most photographed bridges worldwide. You can spot it in almost every TV program or movie and imagine skipping the chance of taking a picture on it Pay a visit at the National Conservancy Park of the Golden Gate to learn more about the building, the history as well as the meaning of this spectacular structure.


Pfeiffer Beach

This beach is popular with locals because of its beauty. It is not known by tourists but is visiting it is definitely worth to program in your schedule. It comes with many irresistible features including the sea stacks and alluring offshore views of sea. Furthermore, this beach contains remarkable purple sand, which comes from manganese garnet particles that wash down the hillside. The deeper towards the north you explore on the beach, the purple colour you get to see. The location facing on the West has substantial offshore rocks making it a hilarious site for taking sunset photos.


Ferry Building

If you will be visiting San Francisco Ferry, building is necessary see. This is not only an area where commuters broad or alight the ferry but it is also an indoor food shopping site that exhibits the outstanding local food products of San Francisco culture. You can browse in here or sit down to enjoy a cuisine of your choice in the menu. You can also take a tour outside the ferry building overlooking the water.

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Kacie Jones, A blogger and passionate traveller is a student from UK. She loves to share her travel stories on various blogs. Presently she is working on apply for esta which provides a visa service to enter in to USA.

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