Amazing Kids Craft Projects That You Can Do In The Home

Dealing with some rainy days and feel like you have nothing to do? Kids craft projects can be lifesavers when kids are bored and begging for entertainment. When the electronics are out of batteries and they’ve watched all their favorite YouTubers, DIY projects come in for the win. Continue reading this article to learn great DIY crafts you can do with your kids indoors.

Tiny Banjos

You’ve likely got the supplies to do this craft in your home already. All you need is the lid from the top of a jar and some yarn and popsicle sticks. The fun part is that your kids can decorate their banjo and make it reflect their personal style. Glue one end of the yarn to the end of the popsicle stick and the other end to the far side of the jar lid to get the banjo affect.

Thumbprint Family Tree

If you get stuck inside when you visit fancy hotels, you may not have access to a bunch of supplies, but you likely have a pen. Draw a tree and then use the pen to wet your finger with ink so you can put your thumbprint down to make the leaves.

Homemade Bean Bag Toss

For your homemade bean bag toss, you’ll need a piece of cardboard, some scissors, and markers to draw fun designs on the cardboard. Cut holes in the cardboard for the bean bag toss. Make the holes in different sizes and give different point values for each of the holes depending on the difficulty. You will need to have a way to prop it up or you can have someone hold it while the other person tosses the bean bag.

Owl Mask

Grab the safety scissors and clip the construction paper around your child’s hand to make the owls face. You’ll take the two hands and put them facing outward from one another on a paper cup. Use yellow construction paper to make the beak of the owl and change up the color between brown and white to make the owl’s feathers for its body.

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Story Stones

Kids love getting the paints out, but just painting paper can get boring many times. Get some small stones and allow your kids to paint the stones with different scenes. When they line the stones up, the stones will tell a story. This activity is great for the imagination and allows them to use their hands so they can work on their motor skills.

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Homemade Paper Bead Necklaces

You can either color or buy colored paper and cut it into small pieces. Roll the pieces of paper into beads so there is still space in the middle where a string can go. Use a thin string, put the beads on, and tie them together for a beautiful design.

If you’ve been going batty because your kids are bored, now you know kids craft projects that you can do indoors. Why stop learning there? Our site has many other articles that can help moms with parenting and other important life issues. Browse our site, find your favorite section, drop a bookmark and come back soon for more great reads.

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