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Alicante – Fiesta And Siesta

Summer is the best time to be in Alicante, a port city on Spain’s Costa Blanca. Narrow streets and beautifully coloured houses provide the backdrop for both nightlife and enjoyable daytime activities and events. Whether you love a good party or prefer a laid-back vibe, there’s something for everyone in Alicante when the weather heats up and the sun comes out.

The Fogueres de Sant Joan Festival

Alicante is a fun place to be when there’s a festival on and the Fogueres de Sant Joan festival is one of the best. The origin of the festival goes along with the tradition of burning useless objects during the summer solstice. In addition to parades and processions, there’s also the chance to set up bonfires and see the effigies. On the feast day of Saint John the Baptist, cardboard and wooden statues are set on fire. There’s also bullfighting and a fireworks competition between Coco beach and Postiguet beach.

Alicante Summer Festival

This festival is for people who love music and is a two-month celebration that includes many kinds of music, dancing and theatre productions. The Alicante Philharmonic Orchestra performs and there’s also a variety of children’s choirs and rock music to be heard too. There are many performances and genres to choose from and there’s always something going on during the festival. Check back often for all the choices and make sure to take in the ones that most interest you.

Electric Bike Tour

Summer is the ideal time to see Alicante on your bike. In fact, since the city is only a 9-mile taxi ride from the airport, easy to pre-book with HolidayTaxis, there’s no need to worry about car rental at all. Bikes can be rented locally for the tour, which takes you through the best the city has to offer. You’ll start in the old part of town at the Calle Mayor and progress up the coast to the Palmeral of Alicante. There are stops at the Red Bridge, the fortresses of San Fernando and Santa Barbara castle. Along the way you’ll get to enjoy panoramic views of the bay and the Mediterranean coast, so don’t forget your camera.

San Juan Beach

It wouldn’t be summer without a visit to the beach and San Juan is a premier choice. It’s Alicante’s most famous beach and boasts white sand and crystal blue water. It’s very close to many recreational activities, including golf, beach volleyball, windsurfing, and football. The beach also offers umbrellas for lounging as well as public bathrooms. There are many restaurants along the beach, enabling you to revel in the sun and surf all summer long.

Palm Groves of Elche

There’s no better time for a hike and the chance to commune with nature than during the summer. The Palm Groves of Elche provide the ideal day trip for visitors who want to vary things up, from festivals, shopping and going to the beach. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the palm groves boast a shady place to take a walk, see fountains, birds, flowers and plenty more. Don’t forget your camera because there are loads of photo opportunities everywhere you look.

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