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Advice for Parents with Kids Who Are Afraid of the Dentist

It isn’t just children who have a fear of dentistry, as many adults will do anything to avoid a visit to the dentist for that very reason. If, however, a child does not get the right dental care at an early age, this could set them up for major problems later in life. Some children are afraid at the very thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair, where all these noisy, hi-powered tools sit waiting, or the child might have had a single unpleasant experience that has stayed with them, either way, as a parent, there are things you can do to facilitate a pleasant dental experience for your child.

Find a Child Friendly Dentist

How the dentist interacts with your child has a lot to do with any apprehension they might have. Finding a friendly, approachable dentist who enjoys working with kids will ensure that when the time comes, everything will be fine. There are, for example, very child friendly orthodontists in Melbourne, who can help remove any fears your child might have, and with regular dental care, your child’s oral hygiene practices will help prevent tooth decay.

Make it a Family Occasion

Why not arrange for the whole family to have a check up on the same day? Visit your local dental clinic regularly with everyone in your family. Knowing that mum and dad are also having their teeth examined will certainly lessen any fears. This is how many families deal with dental check-ups and treatment and with lots to do at the clinic while they are waiting, the kids are always relaxed when their turn comes.

Accompany your Child

Being there while the treatment is happening will go a long way to helping the child to relax, and most dentists are fine with a parent being present. A reassuring touch now and then will ensure that the experience is a pleasant one and of course, once the dentists knows the child has these fears, they know exactly how to put him or her at ease.

Discuss the Issue

By talking with your child about their fears, you are giving yourself the opportunity to remove any fears by reminding the child that the process is painless. Constant reassurance is advisable, and you could ask other family members to help confirm that their fears are groundless. If it is the prick of the needle that bothers your child, the dentist can use a numbing cream, which makes the process painless, and after a few visits, the child is unlikely to need the help.

Be a Good Example

By remaining calm when you have your dental check-up, you are showing the child how painless the process really is. You should also have your child practice good oral hygiene habits, which will result in less treatment, and with the right brushing and flossing techniques, there is less chance of developing tooth decay.

If you would like to locate a child-friendly dentist near you, an online search will bring up a list of local clinics and by focusing your search on one who can put your child’s fears to rest, the whole experience will be a pleasant one.

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