Adding Value to your Home with a Velux Skylight

As homeowners, we are always looking for cost effective ways to add value to our property. This added value can be for a greater return on investment in the future, should you wish to sell the property, or perhaps you simply want additional comfort and function in your home. Whatever the reasons behind home improvements, it’s important to make the right choices and investments that will definitely deliver improved value for the future. Investing in quality products is a must. You want to know that your latest additions will stand the test of time and be an easy sell further down the line. Which is why installing Velux windows into a home is a fantastic investment.

Velux windows were introduced to the marketplace over 40 years ago and still deliver the same high-quality products, with innovative ideas to maximise your roof space today. They offer an incredibly durable product that undergoes strict quality control from the industry, as well as Velux manufacturers themselves. This ensures they provide customers with an excellent window and lighting solution in their home that will last a lifetime.

For many people, moving and upsizing your home is not always an option, but there are things you can do within your existing home, like converting an attic area, that will give you extra space in your home and add value too.

The perfect solution – and a great alternative to moving house

Whether you want to utilise your roof space to create an additional bedroom or simply shed some natural light into your attic to make it more accessible, Velux windows are the perfect solution.

Installing such a quality product alone is guaranteed to add value to your property, but when that’s combined with the additional functionality added to your home, creating areas that are flooded with natural light and more accessible, you are definitely onto a winner.

Velux skylights are the perfect way to open up roof space and make even the smallest of spaces feel light and airy. They have the ability to transform a roofed area, and any home with Velux skylights installed will know their investment has gone to good use, both short and long term.

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The Velux range has come on a long way since its beginnings, and nowadays there is a wide range of products to choose from. So whatever your planned use for the roof space, there are products specifically designed to meet your needs. From the traditional manual opening Velux style that lets in plenty of daylight and ventilation, to the electric, remote controlled skylights, which will open with the touch of a button.

The flexibility of Velux windows means you can get creative with your roof space and really make it into somewhere you want to spend time, as well as add value when you come to sell. Why not create a wall of windows in your dormer style roof. It’s a great way to make a unique feature in the room, whilst flooding it with natural light and ventilation and making the most of the view.

Alternatively, you can transform a flat roof design by installing a series of Velux skylights to create an atrium effect. This will create more space, making your room feel more spacious and airy all year round.

The innovative designs and stringent quality control of all Velux Skylights means you can be assured that your investment will add value to your home, whether you sell in 2 years or 20!

As official suppliers of Velux skylights, Belle Skylights, can help transform your home and add value. To find out more, why not check out their range online, or visit one of their showrooms in Melbourne or Mornington.

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