Adding Value: Home Projects Best Suited for a Professional Contractor

Upgrading your home incrementally is one of the most cost-effective methods for adding value to your home over time. While some homeowners prefer to do all of their upgrades at once, others might like to budget this expense and make additions at their own pace.

With all of the options for creating beautiful homes, several ways to add to this glamour can be easily implemented with proper guidance. Whether you intend to do landscaping work, add a pool or deck, or even an entirely new addition, hiring a professional is going to be your best path forward.

If you’re considering doing any home upgrades, hiring a licensed contractor in your area will get you the best results, unless you have the prep materials for the contractor’s exam yourself. Here, we’ll explore a few methods for upgrading your home that is typically handled by contractors.

New Additions

Adding a room to your home not only increases your square footage but also increases the value of your home. Whether you’re going to be renting or selling, any new addition will add to the selling points of your home when a buyer is looking to decide where to invest their money.

Any new addition, however, must be up to code and meet standards held by your local building inspector. This includes electrical work, plumbing, and the structure itself.

A licensed contractor will know how to build an addition that will pass inspection requirements and meet the code structure required in your local area. No matter if you wish to build an upstairs addition, a game room, or a separate studio structure, hiring a contractor will ensure that your new addition is built properly and safely.


If there’s one addition that brings great value to a home, it’s a pool. Having a pool requires much more than digging a hole in your yard and filling it with water. This process is one of meticulous planning.

Installing a pool, whether it be above ground or in-ground, requires some real skill regarding landscaping and strategically locating your pool so that you can enjoy it safely. The space around your pool is also something to take into consideration.

Hiring a contractor to take care of a project of this size is recommended, not only for safety standards but to ensure that your pool, and the area around it, will bring you the most value and enjoyment.

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Interior Work

While the outside of your home is certainly what draws a prospective buyer’s eye onto your property, the inside of the home is just as important.

Interior work ranges from basic to complicated in terms of design. And, while adding a new set of drapes might be appealing, you have to go much further with your interiors to get the most value out of your home.

Certain design elements such as molding, ceiling height, mantles, fireplaces (wood stoves), and flooring are all areas where you can use the help of a contractor. While some of these implements can be installed without professional assistance, some of these projects are much larger and more complex than you might realize.

No matter where inside your home you’re trying to improve, a professional contractor has the tools and the know-how to get these tasks accomplished in a much more time-efficient and cost-effective way.

The Professional Way

While you might be a DIY enthusiast, or even if you’re handy with tools or fixing things, sometimes we don’t fully understand the scope of large projects in their entirety.

You might think you can remove carpet and install a hardwood floor all by yourself. But once you start a project of this size, you’ll soon find out that it’s not something easily accomplished in just a day.

Professional contractors understand the time and work involved with large-scale projects before they begin them. This comes with experience and training. But, the best reason for going with a professional is that you’ll get professional results.

By hiring a contractor for your projects, you’ll get quality results that meet safety standards and local guidelines. But the best part is, you’ll add real value to your home, and get the best results for your money.

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