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Why You Should add Plants to your Study Area and Office and how You Will Benefit

Adding plants to your study room or work office will make you not only work in a happier healthier environment but it can also achieve better results for you too.

I know it sounds hard to believe but this simple act of adding a few leafy green pot around you will actually make a difference. You must note though that not any plants will help you work more productively, there are certain types of plants that help and will benefit you more than others.

So what the main advantages of adding plants to your work space?

They make the air you breathe cleaner

Plants naturally take carbon dioxide from the air and filter it through their leaves reproducing clean oxygen for our lungs to breathe. This works in perfect unison with humans. It’s quite amazing actually, humans breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide while plants draw in carbon dioxide and expel clean oxygen. Making the air you breathe cleaner is not only going to help you work more diligently but will also increase your overall health over sitting in a sterile office or study area. Clean air has been proven to make your lungs work with less stress and operate more smoothly therefore allowing more clean oxygen to the brain and making you concentrate better. Plants also draw in toxins from the air that can be harmful to our lungs. This again helps benefit us while working or studying for long periods.

Plants do help you concentrate for longer periods, it’s been proven!

Studies have proven that having plants around you while studying increases concentration. These studies have been conducted in class rooms inside universities including the royal college of agriculture in Circencester England. The findings were that if plants were surrounding the students then their attention and concentration would increase by up to seventy percent. A study by the same college found that class mates were more likely to go to class as well and attend regularly if plants were present in the room or closely in the proximity of the students.

What must you remember before adding plants to your office or study area

Plants will vary in effectiveness. Different plants have different capabilities when it comes to helping both purify the air and helping you to study. Orchids for example are a great plant for helping to clean the air and providing the person studying or working with an ideal environment. Peace lilies are another example of a plant that is better than most to add to your workplace or study area. They have broad leaves and beautiful white flowers that absorb toxins from the air and the wide leaves because of their larger surface area can capture more of these harmful airborne particles that can cause damage to humans and their health.

Pot plants are heavy be warned

When getting plants added to the office or study area you should be careful as the carry a large amount of weight and can cause injury to your feet or the feet of others if they are dropped. The best defence against this is to get a paid professional to deliver the plants and have them installed in the required area. If you are going to add the pot plants yourself just make sure you wear the correct boots or footwear. You can find the correct working footwear here.

Final thoughts and other things to think about

We know from the studies that adding plants to the workplace make it a more desirable area to work from and be in and also improve overall attendance. They also improve the environment in terms of providing cleaner air for you and your colleges to breathe.

For the low cost they are definitely a worthwhile investment to the office or study area.

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