How to Achieve Contemporary Design in Your Bathroom

Modern bathroom designs have made their way into our hearts and homes with their sleek lines and geometrical patterns. This angular design provides clean and organized look of our bathrooms making them more enjoyable and spa like. In order to create such perfect ambient, there are some characteristics you have to pay respect to, and here is how.

Calming Colors

Contemporary design is all about the soothing simplicity which can be easily achieved by calming colors. Some of the most common base colors include hues of whites, grays and blacks, but to provide more character you should opt for the details in teak wood, limestone and green glass tiles. If properly combined, all these colors can provide you with one relaxing place perfect for ending a long stressful day.

Photo by Paul Kenning Stewart DesignDiscover contemporary bathroom design inspiration

Perfect Lighting

Adequate lighting is one of the key elements of a contemporary bathroom design. Since it is all about smooth edges and geometrical shapes, you should opt for lighting fixtures and windows with such features. For example, the perfect lighting above your mirror would be rectangular and square fixtures, or some industrial chic lamps. Another important factor of the perfect lighting is its quality. In addition to your stylish fixtures, skylights are another great idea for providing more light inside your contemporary comfy bathroom.

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Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is almost a must when it comes to contemporary design. Not only it is practical and it simply looks gorgeous, but it also provides balance and an amazing focal point for your bathroom. Usually, freestanding bathtubs have oval shapes, but to make it more in the style of modern design you should choose a rectangular one with a colored base. In addition to all that beauty, Engadine’s hot water professionals say such bathtubs are easy to maintain, keep clean and functioning.

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Sometimes, the whole contemporary design can come off as cold and reserved. That is why your new bathroom should have a touch of nature. Since organic and contemporary designs go hand in hand, you should bring them together by decorating the bathroom with greenery. However, you do not want to overdo it with plants, so be moderate and add only a plant or two that can stand the bathroom conditions. Some of the best potted plants that can make a change in your bathroom include Aloe Vera, bamboo, begonias and many others.

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Marble Surfaces

With their elegance and simplicity, marble can bring out the best out of your modern bathroom. Cover your floor with small marble tiles and create a truly unique mosaic. If you want more marble in your bathroom, you can continue the mosaic onto the walls and add some drama and color to the whole place. However, if this could be too much for your taste, you can always choose a sink with marble surfaces or only cover your shower with such stylish tiles.

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Strong Focal Point

Because this design is so simple and calming, it needs a firm focal point which will bring it to life. To your gentle base, add a strong vanity in some darker colors, such as black, gray or brown and draw all the attention to that simple but contrasting piece. Also, you can choose other elements as a focal point, such as an industrial-like mirror, elegant dark-based bathtub or marble-tiled artistic shower.

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It is of an utter importance to remember that this design is all about simplicity. Keep the edges of the furniture smooth and elegant and the colors soft and calming. However, do not forget to add some drama and contrast the light colors with some amazing focal points.

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