A Sprinkle Of Luxury: Which Of These 5 Fancy Showers Is A Fit For Your Home?

Does your shower need an upgrade? Forget about classic, boring shower stalls. One of these fancy showers has your name on it. Let’s find out which one!

Did you know we spend almost 3 years of our lives showering and getting ready? If you are going to spend that much time in a shower, it better be a nice one! Does your shower need an upgrade? Forget about classic, boring shower stalls. One of these fancy showers has your name on it. Let’s find out which element of a fancy shower you need in your life.

1. Big Fancy Showers

What is more glamorous than a big fancy shower? One of the best ways to up your shower game is to make your shower extra spacious. If you have a large space, consider creating a large shower for you to enjoy.

A big shower feels luxurious. Give yourself the space you deserve with a shower with a large footprint.

The worst part about a shower curtain is when it sticks to you. With extra space in your shower, this will be a problem of the past. Avoid this altogether with a vast shower with a glass door.

2. Luxurious Shower Seat

When creating your dream shower you should consider adding a luxurious shower seat. This element creates a standout piece of art and versatility to your shower. Get creative with the materials used to build out your shower seat.

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A shower seat allows you to fully sit and relax in your fancy shower. Let the warm water roll over you while breathing in the revitalizing steam. A shower seat also makes tasks like shaving your legs a breeze.

3. Elevate Your Shower

An elevated shower is a luxury shower. Consider building your shower on an elevation with stairs leading up to it. This creates a throne-like vibe for your fancy shower. Elevating your shower will ensure that it stands out. Build out elegant steps in your bathroom to create a lux elevated environment.

4. High-End Showers with a View

The only thing better than a fancy shower is a fancy shower with a view. Does your house have a beautiful view? Consider building a shower with glass designs to allow you to gaze at the gorgeous landscape while enjoying your fancy shower.

Use a frameless glass shower to give an uninterrupted view from your glamorous shower. Consider using elements from the outdoors like pebbles to enhance your shower’s view. The natural light from a large window with a view will elevate your fancy shower experience.

5. Double Headed Designer Showers

Don’t forget about the hardware when it comes to a designer shower. The showerhead selection is crucial to the esthetic of a shower. Go big with a dual showerhead system.  Install two showerheads into your shower for convenience and luxury. The dual showerheads can also create beautiful visual symmetry in your elite bathroom. Couples will love this inclusive shower addition. Are you ready to upgrade your shower after reading about these five fancy showers? If you enjoyed this fancy shower article be sure to check out more on our website for more information.

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