A Look at Quartz Countertop Installation Costs

Quartz is one of the best choices you can make for your kitchen countertops. It used to only be found in indoor kitchens, but its growing popularity has also made it a popular choice for bathrooms and outdoor kitchens as well.

Quartz is an engineered stone which makes it more durable than other counter choices. It is quartz mixed with glass or other recycled materials, also containing some polymer resins. This makes it very environmentally friendly, as well as durable.

Along with its strong capacity, it is also highly versatile. Quartz can be found in virtually any color or design. Quartz can be made to look like other materials such as granite and marble which makes it a great choice for all kitchen remodelers.

Quartz is a money saver

Quartz is usually cheaper than marble but more expensive than granite. However, other stones have significant upkeep costs. Almost every stone has to be sealed or oiled on a regular occasion.

Quartz does not need to be resealed. Once installed, it can last a lifetime as long as the proper care is taken when it is in your home.

It is also highly resistant to most environmental factors like mold, mildew, and bacteria. You will not have to worry about it being affected by water or humidity either. It is also resistant to scratches, chipping, and cracking. This will save you large repair costs.

On the chance that it does get chipped, it is a simple DIY project that is relatively cheap.

What affects the cost of quartz installation?

The quality of the quartz will be the most important factor when it comes to the price. Usually, the quartz can be made in low-quality, medium quality, or high-quality. Of course, the higher the quality, the more expensive it will be.

The brand will also affect the price. Some brands are much more affordable than others. There are licensed quartz sellers that usually offer good prices and great craftsmanship. Check Caesarstone’s blog to see how you can get affordable quartz with high-quality installation.

Keep in mind that quartz is not 100% quartz. It is mixed with other materials. Most people can’t tell how much quartz is in a slab unless they are a professional or very knowledgeable. So, don’t let the amount of quartz affect your decision.

Pick the one that you find the most appealing that matches your kitchen’s design. The design can affect the price also. Sometimes designs with more patterns or more veining are more expensive. Certain colors may also cost a little more.

Also, check the prices from several manufacturers before choosing one. The quality that you choose will affect the longevity of your counters. Spending more money upfront can save you money later. So, always choose a quality that will last longer and will last through your daily activities.

If you cook often or have small children, high-quality quartz may be needed. You can get away with a lower quality if you do not cook as often or if the house only has a few members. Outdoor kitchens may need high-quality quartz because they will see more weather changes and humidity.

Bathroom counters will also need a higher quality because they see different cosmetics and stronger cleaners.

Installation costs

Every contractor may charge a different price for the installation. Try to review local people or friends that have had quartz installed before. Try asking them how much they paid to try and see what a normal price is.

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You can also call the local hardware store and see what a fair price is. You can then compare different contractors and their reviews to see which one is best for you.

The installation cost will depend on how many slabs you have. Of course, the more slabs, the higher the cost. If you need a new sink or sink cutouts, the installation price will also be higher.

Most contractors determine the installation cost based on the square feet. You can have the contractor come and measure the area and then give you the price.

Edging fabrications or extra fixtures may also cost more. Keep in mind you may also need to pay plumbing and electrical costs if pipes or lights need to be reinstalled or hooked up. This is usually the case when you are getting new counters.

Always get a full-price quote before starting any work, this way there are no surprises later.

What will the installation process look like?

The professional will level the countertop before doing any installation. This will eliminate any gaps or unevenness.

The countertop will then need to be shaped and cut to fit the area. This may take a long time. Some contractors will do this at your home while others will do it offsite. Keep in mind that your kitchen or home may be messy for a few days during installation.

The contractor will inspect the template and then shape the slab. Support may also need to be added to the cabinets if the quartz will be heavy for them.

Most kitchens will require some seam joining. This will increase the cost of installation. The size of the kitchen and the shape of the counters will determine how much seaming is needed. Ask the contractor what prices they charge for seaming and leveling.

This should be included in your quote. The contractor should also tell you if any problems arise and if any additional costs may be needed.

It’s a good idea to check in with the installer periodically to make sure the quote is being met and that no surprises have come up.

Key Takeaways

Several factors will affect the price of installation. The number of slabs and the size of the kitchen will greatly influence how much quartz is needed. The manufacturer and contractor will also affect the price you pay.

When in doubt, always choose medium-quality quartz that will give you longevity. Also, ask for a thorough quote as well so that you can add all costs together and know how much money is required before any work starts.

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