A Guide To Designing The Perfect Vintage Bedroom

The modern world is a stressful place, however, there’s one place that you can always escape the strain – your own beautiful vintage-themed bedroom! There’s nothing more lovely than retreating to your pretty boudoir with its retro appeal, so here, you’ll find some expert tips to help you recreate a classic bedroom that feels a world away from 21st-century life.

Using Vintage Textures And Patterns

Many people think that creating a vintage-style bedroom is expensive, but actually, it needn’t break the bank. Choosing textured fabrics, soft shades and delicate patterns instantly brings a touch of retro glamor to your space. Choosing warm, cozy color schemes like caramel and vanilla add atmosphere and character, while layers of woolens, knits, and furs add even more comfort. If you’re planning to use wallpaper, opt for a textured variety with a classic subtle floral or paisley pattern. Or why not opt for painted walls instead? Choose a neutral cream or parchment paint then add a  few attractive stencils in contrasting shades.  You can then complete the retro look with a pair of lace curtains that will beautifully diffuse the light for greater privacy and a soft ambiance. If you find it hard to sleep with outdoor lights filtering through, simply add a white or neutral-colored roller blind to help you drop off easily without distracting from your theme.

Choosing Mismatched Furnishings

A simple way to recreate vintage style at home is to select mismatched furnishings in a single color. White painted items or warm wood furniture are both excellent choices for a bedroom. Opt for traditional items such as nightstands, rocking chairs, schoolroom chairs or an ottoman in matching shades, then pair them with a classic wooden or metal bed frame and the correct size of antique bed mattress for an authentic colonial look.

Choose The Right Floor Covering

The perfect finishing touch for vintage-inspired bedrooms has to be a wooden floor. Weathered floorboards offer a truly authentic feel, particularly if they are accessorized with retro rugs. Alternatively, choose a neutrally-colored carpet in a cream, beige or oatmeal shade which is sure to complement your traditional-style wall coverings and furniture without being too overpowering.

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Add Ornate Storage Solutions

In any bedroom, having sufficient storage is important, however, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise when it comes to retro style. Select a French-style console table or a mahogany dresser painted in a white or gray shade. A mirrored storage box could also create a little extra space while a traditional ottoman can provide a handy spot to store accessories, clothing or bed linen where it won’t be seen.

Colorful Accessories

Adding a finishing touch to your room with accessories couldn’t be more important and, when it comes to vintage-style spaces, they’ve got an especially important role in creating just the right environment and atmosphere. Pillows made from retro fabrics, crocheted cushions, lace-trimmed materials, patchwork quilts, and floral prints all add to your theme while bringing extra style and texture to your room.

Creating Your Beautiful Boudoir

If you follow this expert advice, you’re sure to find it’s simpler than you thought to design the ideal vintage-inspired boudoir. You’ll love escaping the stress of modern living in our peaceful retro oasis!

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