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A Guide On Early Warnings Signs to Know You Need To Replace or Repair a Refrigerator

Having a problematic refrigerator is just about one of the most annoying things ever. After all, where do you put all your veggies and beer? You can’t possibly leave them out in the open to rot and if you put them inside your broken fridge you’re damned. Refrigerator repairs in Brisbane are fairly common because let’s be honest, getting a brand new fridge every time yours breaks down is something maybe only millionaires could afford. Usually, you have to choose between getting a new one and getting the one you have right now fixed. Since fridge repairs in Brisbane are fairly inexpensive, let’s go through some situations when a simple repair would do just fine:

If The Fridge Is Leaking

If your fridge is leaking gallons and gallons of water throughout the day and you find yourself slipping and falling whenever you walk past, it’s time to repair it. Ideal Refrigeration & Appliance Services is a great choice if you’re looking for a repairing company that takes care of your fridge issues in no time.

If The Fridge Is Loud

Just because your fridge makes a high-pitched whirring noise throughout the night and you’ve tried masking it with various techniques, like using special batteries or filling it up with a special type of fluid, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to get a new one. If your old fridge is the loud, annoying kind that has short-circuited all of your brain cells and forces you to hide in the closet with headphones all day while shuffling around, leaving food in the door will only make it worse. Fridge repairs in are cheap and it’s time to get yours fixed!

If It’s Getting Too Hot in There

The main purpose of your fridge is to keep whatever inside cold. However, if the rest of your house is devoid of air conditioning, you might consider getting a new one. Fridge repairs can be cheap and the ideal choice if you’re hoping to save some cash in the long run. If it’s too hot inside your fridge just get it fixed already because a new one will likely take down your wallet for a while.

So, now we’ve gone over some situations when repairing your fridge is probably a good idea. These tips also apply to dishwasher repairs. If the appliance seems to have minor issues, you don’t need a replacement.

However, sometimes, getting yourself a new refrigerator is probably the right call.

Reasons To Get New Fridge

If the Refrigerator is Swollen

If your refrigerator is swollen and your kids have been complaining that their food seems to have come out of it at weird angles and you can’t fit anything in there because it’s just a giant box, getting a new one is probably the right choice. You don’t want your food and other products to just rot inside the fridge, especially if it smells bad all the time.

Ammonia Leaks

If you’ve noticed that weird ammonia smell coming from your refrigerator or the fridge has been swelling, it might be a sign of a really bad ammonia leak. Even if it isn’t leaking right now, it probably will soon and you’ll have to get a new one. The last thing you want is ammonia leaking into your food and making everyone sick instead of just smelling bad. If you sense this happening to you, get a new one ASAP, it’s time to throw that old one out.

If the Fridge is Completely Dead

If your fridge isn’t just leaking or swollen, it’s completely dead and you have to haul food in and out of it all the time or use a cooler; then there’s definitely no choice but to get a new one. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s not worth staying with something that can’t even keep your food cool.


A refrigerator repair is cheap but sometimes you have no choice but to get yourself a new one. It’s always best if you can get it repaired but we don’t recommend spending thousands of dollars on anything that could just break down again at any given time. So consider wisely.


When it comes to appliance repairs, getting yourself an actual expert is a fantastic idea. You can connect with their team through phone or through chat and they’ll definitely advise you on the best method to repair your fridge. There are also those that give other services such as air conditioning services. If you have any questions regarding any repairs, Ideal Refrigeration & Appliance Services will be more than happy to give you some information and help you out. Also, there are some great offers available for their customers.

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